Friday, May 9, 2008

Random Ramblings

I realized that I really need to catch up on my blog when Momo Fali asked if the dog had eaten me. Well, the answer to that is yes, very nearly.
Busy doesn't even begin to describe how I am at the moment. I really shouldn't even be sitting here typing, I should be making chocolate ganache and Chocolate fudge icing.
This week:
*Registered son for preschool. If free here for 3 and 4 year old's, and I found a really great school. Cried that night because it's from 9-3 and I can't let me baby go. Thanks for that, hormones.

*Attempted to really start working on the potty training. Got cute little Thomas, Spiderman and Cars undies for the boy. Looks adorable. Has two accidents and FREAKS. That night his sister sends him out dressed as the "Naked Cowboy" that stands in Time Square. I would love to post the picture of him in his undies, cowboy boots, hat and guitar, but the thought of some freak looking at it scares me. It is HYSTERICAL THOUGH!!

* Baked and Baked and Baked. Did I mention to you that I baked?

* Found out that Gypsy Moth caterpillars that are EVERYWHERE right now, are giving the kids and i hives. All you have to do is come in contact with their nasty little hairs and your done for. So much fun. That in turn can become an allergic reaction. Nurse sent T home, because of the hives. Flakiest school nurse ever. Riley is having the whole gamut of symptoms, so he's on breathing treatment to add to it.

* Discovered that I have no dog training skills what so ever, and and losing my mind. Both dog and boy went through the back screen, so i had to re screen that yesterday.

* Being PTO secretary under the dumbest president ever really is WAY more work then it needs to be.

*2 1/2 is definitely my least favorite age. So is what ever age the dog is.

* I know for a fact that my Husband hasn't even thought about Mother's Day, let alone my Birthday which is Tuesday. That's okay. I'm used to being disappointed. He would be SO MUCH SMARTER to say "Here babe go out and get yourself something you really want. Go shopping ALONE. Now that's a gift.

Lastly, I wish all a very Happy Mother's Day. I hope you are waited on, pampered and you have a relaxing day!!


AndreAnna said...

Geez, and I thought I had been busy.

I hope you at least get a little break this weekend.

chefmom said...

I do!! I have cakes leaving this house tonight, and I DO NOT want to see another one all weekend. I personally hate cake, so for my b-day we'll do ice cream. Hope Charlotte is feeling better!

someGirl said...

honey, i've tried to post 2 comments already but i keep getting an error!!!!

someGirl said...

....SHOOT!! my original comment was thoughtful, witty and charming, trust me. Now all I can muster is snarky...Damn you Internet Gods, damn you to hell....

Shopping Alone. They just don't get how orgasmic that feels post-children do they???

Happy Mommas Day, may your wine glass never run dry.

chefmom said...

Darn! I wonder what the problem is! Shopping alone is heavenly isn't it? I wish you a very Happy Mother's day!

Momo Fali said...

Thank you for the update! I'm glad to know you're still breathing.

meleah rebeccah said...

Happy Belated Mothers Day...Hope it was well spent?