Friday, June 27, 2008

Dear Vodka Fairy.....

Dear Vodka Fairy,
Please, PLEASE allow me to get on a plane next week and NOT freak out. Drown me if you have to before I get on the plane.
Yours dearly, sincerely, desperately and ready with a straw,

I used to love to fly. Past tense. USED TO. I flew 2 months after 9/11 and basically had a panic attack. My brother-in-law fed me xanax before the flight, but I was still sweating like a pig and shaking like the vodka fairy died and left me with the Dt's. We were allowed to board the plane early, because I had my daughter with us, who was only 3 at the time. I watched the rest of the passengers board and as each individual past by, these were the conversations in my head:
"Terrorists wife"
"Very old Terrorist"
"Has a bomb strapped to him."
"Possibly the Federal agent, or a very built terrorist who will take the whole plane down himself."
Ect., Ect.
We are flying to Florida for Jay's oldest brothers wedding on Saturday July 5th. We're flying in on the 2nd, because it's his Mom's B-day. This time, I will be heavily sedated. Tuesday afternoon the kids and I will be going to my parents. My husband will then come pick me up and the kids are going to stay with my parents for the rest of the week. That will be major break down #1. Saying good-bye to them will be so hard. I haven't left both of them for more then a night or 2. NOT 5 days! Then Jay and I will drive up to his brothers in Chester NJ and spend the night. We fly out of Newark at 8:45 and land in West Palm Beach Florida at 11:45. Most likely (or hopefully) I will just put on my iriver and close my eyes, envision me and the vodka fairy splashing in a fountain of vodka and not open my eyes or speak to anyone for the rest of the flight. I am sure that my husband will be doing the same thing!!!
Once we land, we'll wait for His sister and her BF to fly in from Arizona and his Brother from VA, all to land. (magically all within an hour of us!) We had hoped to get a nice mini-van, but ended up with Ford Econo-line van. For the wedding the siblings all have to wear white. We've decided that they're all going to look like the Jones clan, ready to drink the suicidal Kool-aid, as the cult has kicked them out. Or they're going to had out flowers to people. I on the other had got a gorgeous turquoise and brown cocktail dress to wear. It's on the beach and should be gorgeous! It will be a FUN week of partying. This is the first time in 20 years that all 5 siblings will be in the same place at one time. Jay's Mom is besides herself with excitement. She and I get along great. She's an awesome cook and just had a new house built, with an amazing kitchen, so I can't wait to get there and do some cooking with her.
Any who, the flight home will most likely have me in an exhausted/panicked stupor, but still partying to the vodka fairy. I am sure to have LOTS of good blog material after this trip!
Pray to the fairy, god, buddha, mother nature, the clouds, the pilot, and anyone else that might possibly prevent me from freaking out, that I survive the flight. And when I say survive, I mean land peacefully and quietly. Not hear about me on the news, 'cause they had to detour and kick me off. Good times......

Monday, June 23, 2008

I am so behind

Last week, In a nutshell:
1)Binky fairy came and left a tonka truck and bulldozer, all is well he has only asked for it once. I pulled up pictures of babies with binkies on photobucket and showed him that a new baby had gotten his. He was happy with that. Yay!

2) Decided it was time for potty training. MASTERED IT in a week. I thought boys would be so much harder to train, but he's done so well, that he's even sleeping in underwear at night and has not had an accident. He has a favorite tree to pee on and has even Christened the dog when she walk in front of him, while he was going. I have never seen my child laugh so hard. Double YAY!

3) Figured since we were Making Major progress, we'd push for him to sleep in his own bed. (yes he still slept between us. Bad habit.) Success so far. He sneaks in, in the very early morning, but I'd rather have that then a foot in my face all night. Triple Yay, because now I feel like an adult again and can sleep ALONE with my husband. Lovely.

4) School ended Thursday and Tierney earned the Academic Achievement award all for marking periods again, so she got a special award. That now make 2 years straight that she's gotten the honor roll every marking period. So Proud! And I was appointed PTO secretary again, this time under a much better president.

5) Now the drama and and boredom begin. Tierney's Bf Ali left for Florida for 3 weeks today. Thankfully I will be on FL From July 2 to the 6th, so My parents will keep them busy with fun activities during that time. AND we still only have 1 running car. SO that leaves me trapped in the house with 2 kids. You can only do the same small park and fishing for so long. This will be a test of survival.
In my Survival kit are these items: Neosporin, band aids, wipes, a bottle of vodka and a bottle of xanax. I don't know about the kids, but that should cover my first aid needs well.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Flag Day!

The second grade has turned a parade into a highly competitive competition. They made floats and I sent Tierney and her Bff into school looking like this: T is on the Right.

And here is a cake I did yesterday. I copied the pattern on the baby's theme for his room. I was pretty happy with how cute it came out!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hello? Hell, It's me Kelly. Could you please take your heat back?

It is HOT. Really, hot doesn't even come close to describing the weather. I have kept Tierney home for the last 2 days because her school is not air conditioned. I found out the principal even sent kids out to the un-shaded playground yesterday. As a member of the PTO board we have been working on buying fans for every classroom. The teachers used to be able to open the doors to the outside and can't anymore because of the security system. My daughter is in one of the hottest classrooms and it's be recorded to 92 degrees. NO Thanks!

As for the fishing derby, it was a lot of fun, just HOT. Here's the first thing that was caught:

An ENORMOUS snapping turtle. It didn't count. Next One of the Grandpas caught a catfish. We ran it up to the weigh station and counted it for the oldest kid. The Grandpas ended up doing most of the fishing, as the kids were in and out of the pool, because it was so hot. My Dad caught to Pickerel and counted one for Tierney and one for her friend Ali. (Who's house we were at.) Unfortunately Ali's fish was bigger and she ended up winning a fishing rod. She was nice enough to give it to Tierney, as she had won the same one last year. Here's a few more Pix: Part of the docks, My Dad and Riley and Riley in my Dad's Orvis hat, using my rod from when I was a little girl. (sniff, wiping a tear that my Dad even kept it.....)

Next up, I wanted to post pictures on the finished prom gowns, hair, makeup and girls. They had a great time, and every one looked great. I did my neighbors hair and make-up for her, and her dress came out fantastic. I was able to remove the zipper and add the corset lacing to the back like she wanted. I felt so good seeing the end results, and yesterday they brought over a beautiful card and plant as a Thank you. Here are the pix: oh yeah, there's also 2 out of three cakes I had to do this weekend. I forgot to take a picture of the third...duh!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just call me Crafty

I am up to my ears in misery this morning. The DOG DAMN DOG is making me nuts!!!! I am in the process of hemming/redesigning three prom dresses for a prom this Friday. Yes, I am nuts and can now officially add "Seamstress" to my list of occupations. This morning she saw the edge of a scrap piece of fabric hanging off the table and pulled on it. Down came HUNDREDS of pins, breaking open my pin case and therefore sending pins scattering across the kitchen floor. Now she won't stop barking.
Someone pointed out to me yesterday that for being a stay at home mom, I have an awful lot of titles. It made me think. I consider myself a stay at home mom, but I do work during the day baking or doing massive amounts of work for these things:
Baker/cake designer
seamstress (new title)
knitter/crocheter ( I make gifts to sell)
Jeweler- (again I make bead jewelry to sell on e-bay)
PTO Secretary
(Most likely) the New President of Operation Santa on Fort Dix.
And most importantly Mother.
Oh, and this weekend I plan on winning a fishing tournament with my kids. That's right, I said win!!
Now technically, They're not really titles. They're things I love to do. So why do people have to point out that for a "Stay at home Mom" I do a lot? Doesn't every Mother have a list of Titles whether she works or not??? It irritated me a little.
Did I miss the memo that said I was allowed to sit and eat Bon Bons all day?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

No, she doesn't have wings or wear a pink tutu.

I learned so many things over the last 2 weeks. Some insightful, some down right HI-larious, some new creative techniques, and some Let-it-all-go-and-live-life-to-the-fullest.

Let's work backwards. Cakes have been fun and I have gotten to play my way, a lot. Here are a few....
Fun, but boring. Not my choice.

A very large, green battery operated, Light saber. Get your mind out of the gutter! Even though I agree, it does not look like a Light Saber.

I've been waiting to meet any number of my blogging' friends. AndreAnna ordered a Dora cake, so she's the first one I got to meet. I was thrilled to do Dora, except she had a bad cowlick. Since Michael C, blew me off and didn't order a cake in the shape of his missing left nipple, or his heart, I was happy to make Charlotte her second Birthday cake.

Fun Fiesta 40Th b-day. I think I put a pic of this up already though...

The glass even has salted rim! (well, sugared.)

A copy of an Anne Geddes poster of a naked baby in Gerber daisies

The top tier. The flowers were a lot of work.

First attempt at a 1 yr old b-day party. I didn't like the top.
This was much better. I put the babies "smash cake" on top.

Cupcakes to match. Hello Kitty!

Me in my all time favorite jacket.

My son is really a piece of work. He kept sliding the door back and forth to show me he could move his nose. I am so proud. The Binky fairy came last night and brought Dump trucks and bulldozers. He wanted to know if she dressed like a Fairy. Hence the title of the post.

The dog had to give up her Binky fetish also. Thank GOD!!

I really do have some nice flowers in the yard. Thankfully My green thumb of death hasn't hit the one yet....

And let me leave you with this thought...Do you ever wish you could sing at the top of your lungs, or wiggle your tongue back and forth in your mouth making that funny lb-lb-lb-lb, noise during a meal, and not have anyone notice or tell you to stop? I watched my 2 year old son sit through a dinner, making that noise, and I decided I was going to do it too. I didn't get the same reaction from the rest of the table as he did.....