Thursday, February 28, 2008

Getting to know me. A MeMe

I have been tagged By Meleah and happily will answer the questions:

1. What is your occupation?Mother, Wife, Chef, PTO Secretary, Cake designer, problem solver, boo-boo fixer, Homeworker assistant, babysitter, and anything else I can't say no to.
2. What color are your socks right now? No socks, slippers
3. What are you listening to right now? Bob the Builder on TV
4. What was the last thing that you ate? A Banana waffle
5. Can you drive a stick shift? Yes
6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Kelly Green
7. Last person you spoke to on the phone? My Mom
8. Do you like the person who sent this to you? Hell Yes
9. Favorite drink? Extra Dirty Martini
10. What is your favorite sport to watch? Tierney's indoor soccer- ( Recently scored her first goal!)
11. Have you ever dyed your hair? Yes and still do
12. Pets? 1 very large cat named.....Tinkerbell
13. Favorite food? That's tough...Chocolate, Indian food, anything with Cheese
14. Last movie you watched? Meet the Parents
15. Favorite Day of the year?Any day That I can sleep in.
16. What do you do to vent anger? Yell
17. What was your favorite toy as a child? My Rollerskates
18. What is your favorite, fall or spring? Spring
19. Hugs or kisses? Both
20. What kind of pie? Peanut Butter Cream with a crushed Peanut and chocolate crust and whipped cream.
21. Do you want your friends to email you back? Yes
22. Who is most likely to respond? I hope everyone
23. Who is least likely to respond? The people I dont tag
24. Living arrangements? Myself, Husband Jay, Tierney, Riley and Huge cat
25. When was the last time you cried?Last night at Tierney's choir concert...during her solo
26. What is on the floor of your closet? a HUGE tub of yarn
27. Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are tagging? My sister
28. The friend you have known the shortest amount of time that you are tagging? Adreanna -even though she's got a much more important post today ;)
29. Favorite smell? Freshly bathed 2 year olds
30. What inspires you? Other people, in general
31. What are you afraid of? Saying NO!
32. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers? Very Cheesy
33. Favorite car?a Boxster
34. Favorite cat breed? Fat ones
35. Number of keys on your key ring? 4
36. How many years at your current job? Hmmmm..10 years today!
37. Favorite day of the week?Saturday
38. How many provinces have you lived in? None.
39. How many countries have you been to? 2

Here's who I'm tagging, and as Meleah said, it's totally optional of course

My Sister

Momo Fali

Michael C

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

10. Long. Years.

Just Kidding.....Tomorrow is my 10th Anniversary. Yesterday I had my kids watch our wedding video. Well, I duct taped them to the couch and did wouldn't let them move or speak. (j/k again!) They didn't even recognize their own Father because he didn't have his Goatee then.

Our wedding was an event. It was held at the country club where I was the Head Pastry Chef at the time. We got a discount, it was convenient for people to get to and it really is a beautiful place. We had it all planned out and 3 weeks before the wedding the catering department came to me with a request. Could they cancel all my plans and re-plan it, the way they wanted, so they could shoot a commercial and a video to show prospective brides and grooms? And for a Contest for the Lifetime channel called "The Ultimate Wedding." I was a little stunned, but once they started giving me the details, I jumped on it. No extra cost, and this was to be the NICEST wedding they'd ever done. We had an excellent Executive Chef at the time, so I totally trusted him to plan the menu. They wanted to bring in a 12 piece band (with a brass section) From the Hudson Club in NYC. Flowers covering ever square inch of the place. We were having the ceremony downstairs and were being married my my Uncle and Godfather who is a Judge. Then we moved up to the dining room for the reception. The Pastry Chef before me was a great friend of mine and she offered to do our wedding cake as a gift. It was gorgeous! I made the dessert. Heart shaped Napoleons filled with pastry cream and fresh Raspberries around the edges. Whipped cream on top, with abstract spun sugar designs on each one. I wish I had a scanner to add photos, but I don't......sorry!
The wedding was spectacular, aside from it looking like the set of a movie. And I was a nervous wreck. We had to do so many things more then once, so they could get good shots. We had drive up to the club and get out of the limo twice. I was so nervous, that having to do things over and over just made it 50 times worse. I think the guests got a kick out of it though. Right before the ceremony started I poured a little bit of GREEN Scope Mouthwash down the side of my dress. I had had a glass or 2 or champagne at that point, so all I could do was nervously laugh it off. Oh well! What was I going to do? Ends up, you couldn't even see it.
All in all it was a Fantastic day and I would do it over and over again. Happy 10th Anniversary babe :)

Oh a side note (and this is really just to torture my sister), 2 weeks before the wedding my sister shows up at our apartment. (She was my Maid of Honor) I was in the bathroom and my husband answered the door. The only thing my Husband could say to her was "Your sister is going to KILL you." She comes up the stairs and gets to the top, just as I was coming out of the bathroom. My jaw dropped. I choked and had to prevent myself from wrapping my hands around her neck. Her almost-down-to-her-butt, curly blond hair was GONE. She was completely bald except for this little tuft of hair that were supposed to be bangs. That's my sister.....takes her own path, does her own thing, and that's why I love her. Except for that moment. I don't think I actually said much. I was speechless. I think I muttered something about, "You do remember this is going to be on TV right?!"
Anyway, she may be planning a wedding in the near future and let it be said that Paybacks are a bitch. I'm making the Cayenne flavored wedding cake, with Tabasco filling. Er, I mean the wedding cake of her dreams..... :D

Monday, February 25, 2008

Fun times!

Well, the week ended with the kids home from school because of the snow. I panicked a bit, because I knew I had a ton of baking and creating to do. I managed to get it done. The first picture was for a pool party at the local college. You can rent it out for the day and the kids have a blast. I didn't charge much for it, because it was for a co-worker or my husband. (I know...SAP!)

The second cake was MOST important to me, because it was for my Uncle's 60th Birthday party. He's a driver for FedEx Freight and He loves his job. So I based the theme on that.
I had originally had the truck up, and off the cake board, with the wheels and trailer holders, etc. BUT, it was a little to unstable for my liking, so I took it down and cut the wheels in half. He was so surprised and thrilled with how it came out. I was happy, but a little disappointed, as I only had an hour to cut, shape and ice it. Adding the fondant is easy, I just had to be exact, since there was no time for adjustments. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I have a very hard time putting those two letters together to form a word. I know it and I fully admit it.
Hi, My name is Kelly and I can't say no. This is my addiction....or affliction.
I get a phone call last night from the mother of one of the little girls at the bus stop. I usually only see her in the afternoon, as her daughter gets on the bus at her Grandmother's house in the morning. I've gotten to know her a bit and we're friendly. Friendly. Chatting friendly, not hang out friendly, you know what I mean? Well, she calls last night and is a raving lunatic. I had stupidly given her my phone number, as sometimes she is running late. (Why, I have no idea, since she's done with work around noon) She's going on and on about being pissed off at her mother. Her Mother adopted 2 middle school aged boys and supposedly one of them hurt Kayla (the little girl, who's 6 or 7) that morning, and it was Kayla's fault, according to her mother. So, She was calling me to ask if I could watch her daughter in the morning. Starting at 5:45 am. ???? What am I supposed to say?! She wants to drop her off at 5:45, have me feed her breakfast and then put her on the bus at 9. She says she'll pay me, but being a single Mom, it won't be much, so she says. So basically, I'm getting up 2 hours earlier then I usually do, which is going to wake my 2 year old up, he's going to get off schedule, and then by 8 am, I'll have 4 children to get ready and keep occupied for an hour. What do I say....YES. (If you hear banging, it's my head, on the wall.)
So, this morning I get up at 5:30. I make coffee and sit and wait for her to arrive. 5:45, 6:00, 6:15, show. At 7 the phone rings. "oh I decided to go in a little late, so I'm going to bring her over around 7:45." WTF!!!! My son had already gotten up at about 6:15, because he heard my husbands alarm go off. I crawl back into bed seething with lack of sleep and anger. I had woken up almost every hour during the night, because I was afraid I was going to sleep through the alarm. My regular alarm is in the form of a 2 year old, so I was all out of whack.
Now, I had just agreed to this and sprung it on my husband when he got home. He was NOT happy last night. He doesn't sleep well, and the thought of having a strange child in the house at 5:45 in the morning, didn't go over well.
I get to the bus stop this afternoon with every intention of telling her I can't do this. It's just going to be too disruptive to our morning routine. I completely chicken out. My husband calls after we get home and flips because I didn't say anything. He asks for her phone number. I didn't want him to fight my battle, but this is a woman who I fear a little bit. I've seen her angry. She has a temper. I wanted to avoid it at all costs. He told me I really need to "grow a pair". He calls her and leaves a message. SO, she calls and I have to explain the whole situation anyway. She says "well, we're all adults and you should have said something." I BARELY KNOW YOU LADY!!! So, I'm off the hook, thank goodness, she's going to call Kayla's father and tell him he's going to have to figure something out. And she couldn't have done that from the start, WHY???

So, that's my story. I'm off to get another tattoo. All the rest are hidden. Not this one. Smack dab in the middle of my forehead.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Fun Friday!!! Canadian Billboards

I couldn't resist......Too Funny!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I'd send you the finest chocolates from France

And Little Red Hot Hearts that would make your tongue Dance

I'd bake heart shaped cookies and decorate them too

But I'd do this for anyone, not just you, because today is a day that no one deserves to be blue :)

This Cheesy poem is dedicated to all my friends and loved ones......Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

The longest week of my Life. EVER.

OKay, so I'm alive and well. Thanks to Meleah for the search party and to Somegirl for the preperation of Chuck Norris moves, just in case.
Let's begin our story with last Saturday. My parents had been gone on a cruise for a week at this point, and my children were having major grandparent withdrawls. So they were a little cranky. Husband decides, in all his unhandiness (Webster's, please note the new word), that he's going to change the brake pads on his car. He's done it with my Dad a few times (or watched a few times) so felt he could do it. Great. It's like 2 degrees and he goes out, does it, and as he's putting the tire back on one side, he brakes 3, not 1, but 3 bolts and lug nuts that hold the tire on. Who knew I was married to Hercules?! He then decides to at least check the brakes and Lo and Behold, They don't work!!! He almost plows down the fence to the back yard. So, Since my handy Father is away and we're not about to try and drive to a mechanic or have it towed, I end up CAR-LESS all week.
Anyway, Littlest one had a slight fever all day, so I stayed home while my husband took Oldest to her indoor soccer game (Her team is undefeated so far...whoo hooo!) They come home, we eat, put said children to bed and proceed with our evening, just relaxing. Now, we have a deal on the weekends.....I get to sleep in one morning, and he gets the other. Saturday moring he slept in. Saturday evening, getting ready to go to bed, and I walk over to shut off the computer. Odd. It's off. I think nothing of it, he probably turned it off.
I sleep like the dead. He gets up with the kids. Now, when he's sleeping in, I make sure no one goes into the bedroom, that everyone is reasonably quiet, and we let him sleep as late as he wants. When I sleep in, little people are in and out of the bedroom, banging on the door, etc. I usually just roll over, cover my head with a pillow and eventually they go away. This is how Sunday morning plays out: Poke, poke, poke to my shoulder. "Babe, the computer won't turn on." Ummmm, I'm not the one with the NEDC (network engineering and data communications) certificate, am I? "and that requires my attention, why? and it's not even 9 am and you're waking ME for this?" Oldest child comes running into the bedroom yelling "MOM My Webkinz are going to DIE if I can't get online to feed them!!!" Wow...I really needed to be awoken for this. I am not a morning person, so let's just say, I don't get up the happiest camper at that point. I walk out and try to turn on the computer. "Oh, look at that, I can't turn it on either. My magical fingers must still be sleeping, like the rest of me should be!" Everyone backed off a little at that point. Husband very smartly brings me a cup of coffee. I proceed to take the computer apart and decide we need a new power supply. Send him to Radio Shack as soon as it opens. Doesn't work. Call emachines, who want to charge me 39.00 for a CONVERSATION. But the very nice man that I spoke to said in basic code, that if it wasn't my power supply, it was my Mother Board. Thanks for saving me 39.00 dude. So Monday, I call the Geek squad. The tell me it could be 50 other things, and I should take it to the nearest Best Buy. If I haven't said it before, I live in the middle of nowhere. Pine Barrens, Jersey Devil, practically surrounded by all military owned land. So the nearest Best Buy is 45 minutes. HA! Doesn't matter, I don't have a car!!!
Tuesday rolls around and Husband remembers he dealt with some computer-fix-it-guy at his last job. Calls him. Comes and gets the computer. Now, I'm starting to sweat it out a little. Every picture of my 2 year old, since birth is on this computer. Thousands of songs. All my cake photographs. All access to my website. Insert plug here:
I come to the realization that I rely WAY to heavily on this computer. Bordering addiction.
Guy looks at it, yes, it's the mother board, (and I am a genius, thanks), has to order one, it will be a few days until we have our computer back.
Here it comes......Major breakdown. I have no car, no computer AND the kids have half days all week, so they're home early with nothing to do. (Oldest and a little girl I watch)
Fuck, Fuck, Fuckity, Fuck. Sorry for the language, but I'm now facing the longest week of my life. And to top it all off, I was supposed to have a flyer done for the PTO for my meeting Thursday night.
So, $200 later, I am back online, The Webkinz survived and my children are gone for the night. I drank heavily this week. Had to. What the hell else was I supposed to do with myself? Oh and I knitted and entire sweater for me.
I MISSED MY BLOGGIN' PEEPS SO MUCH!!! I'm glad to be back. Now I'm off to have a very dirty martini. XOXO

Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday's top ten list: Favorite sentences out of my son's mouth this week.

Oh, to be 2 and repeat everything your 8 year old sister says. Or pick it up, store it and use it at another perfect moment. And Ifeel really sorry for our cat, Tinkerbell. Here they are, both in nice peaceful states......for a moment.

#10- "I smell TT's Butt?" After my 8 year old so nicely passed gas in his face, that was his response.

#9-" I smell Kaleigh's butt?" The next morning, as the little girl I watch arrives. And he so nicely said it in front of her Police Chief father.

#8- The next four all took place in a span of 10 minutes... " I Lof cat!" As he lays on her.

#7- " I hit cat?" No the cat will hit you back.

#6 - "I smell cat butt?" No, that's beyond nasty.

#5- "Cat hit me." Did you hit cat, after I told you not to? "Yes, I hit cat, cat hit me." Duh Mom.

#4- " I smell Mommy butt?" NO, and please stop chasing me around the house.

#3- After my husband so nicely passed gas...."EEEWWW, I smell Daddy butt!" That'll learn ya!!

#2- With cheesy puff covered hands, "I pick my nose?". No, not now, not ever.

And the #1 greatest sentence of the week is:

"DUM FUCK!!!!" as some very nice township workers drove by us at the bus stop guessed it...a Dump truck. I really thought the other parents at the stop were going to choke to death on their laughter.....