Friday, October 12, 2007

One of those days

I'm just having "one of those days". My 2 year old won't stop whining, (and by whining, I mean screeching at the top of his lungs.) My soon to 8, (going 16 ) year old is pissed off becuase I made her come home from her friends house early. Why did I make her come home??? Because for the second week in a row, my husbands piece-of-crap-car has died, and we need to go get him. While he sits at my parents and drinks beer, I throw together a dinner or pork fried rice and veggie egg rolls and potstickers. Yum! My daughter has my tastes, she loves a wide variety of ethnic foods. Asian being her favorite. My son on the other hand is screaming for M&M's. I am sorry, this restaurant does not serve them for DINNER!!!! I offer a world of his favorites: Hummus, Homemade veggie chips, cheese of assorted flavors, on lovely sesame rice crackers. PB and J for pete's sake!!! Nothing. Don't eat then.

How on earth, does a chef/mom end up with 2 completely different tastes? I guess it's like the battle of the sexes, male vs. female. Bad eater vs. Good eater. Me vs. Them. Tonight me and a glass of red, bold legged wine win. After I drive 40 minutes and put everyone to bed. I don't think this counts as winning.

Winning to me would be peace and quiet. I would even consider using the erotic sense of eating in the dark. (and I mean pitch Black) Simple starter: pumpkin soup with coriander and creme frache. Imagine picking up you spoon, (yes you'd know exactly where it was in the dark!!) and sipping from it, a warm, smooth yet creamy, fall-feeling inducing soup. Imagine not knowing at first, what you where having. Would you be able to tell what it was? Pumpkin is distinct. Coriander.....maybe not. The feeling of Fall, cold weather and Halloween? YES!!! Next course: Crispy fried Duck, wrapped in a warm tortilla with plum sauce, scallions and a hint or orange zest. All sense tingling from the crispy, tart, warm, pungent taste. Eat it, savor it, feel it with your the dark, it would be beyond unique. Remember, you have 1 or your 5 senses has been removed, so your other 4 are heightened almost to orgasmic pleasure. Next would be baked brie. Wrapped in flaky, crispy puff pastry, with Raspberry Coulis drizzled over the brie and and served with simple plain wheat crackers, so that all you taste is the creamy brie and the fruity, tart Raspberry sauce. Finally I would choose and entree that would be simple, yet distinct. Chicken crepes. A smooth Veloute sauce with chopped roasted chicken and medley of veggies. Baked till bubbly and , yet the crepes still crisp. Dessert would be the big finale. Caramel apple pizza with homemade cinnamon ice cream. Hot gooey sweet dough with sliced apples and caramel. Grilled would add to the flavor even more. Would you be able to tell the difference between grilled and baked? Top with creamy ice cream and it would be heaven!!
Okay, now that I have had a fantastic dinner in my head, I'm off to battle with the warriors......Onward!!!!


someGirl said...

I want to come for dinner! I am so happy that you have your own blog!!! I get to know more about you....

I'm feeling better, thanks for asking, but I am super busy with school work and "junk" for my daughter's Harvest Festival. All those snooty moms really get to me...they get a kick out of excluding as many moms as possible (which is completely counter productive)ARHHHH!

Any way...welcome to blogville!!

chefmom said...

You found me!! i'd love to have you for dinner...on the east coast, if you're ever out here :) I'm so glad you're feeling better. I know eactly what you mean about snooty moms. They have to be the biggest pain in the ass. I say, If they don't want your help, then screw them!! Didn't you think cliques would go away after high school? I have found that they stick around forever. They move on to motherhood. Hope the Harvest Festival is fun anyway. We just finished the same thing. Glad it's over!