Monday, October 22, 2007

And we have a winner!

At the end of the LOUDEST and most obnoxious pep rally I've ever been too, Tierney did win princess for her squad. I have to say I am proud.. She did a fantastic job leading the cheers and the dance that night. Congratulations Sweet Girl!!


someGirl said...

awwwwww cuteness!! are brave woman my dear!! She's super cute....Congrats to her :)

Pep rally antidote: Margarita!! Gimme a double! Gimme a lime! Go drunken stuper!!!! Woo hooo!

chefmom said...

Thanks :) She is so the opposite of me, when it comes to this. She won this Friday night and then Saturday morning was out Flyfishing with my Dad. That's so much more "me" then cheerleading!! I love your pep rally antidote! I had some wine beforehand, but I think the Margarita would have made it much more tolerable!!

someGirl said...

Jus' wanted to wish you a Happy Halloweenie!!

Have know as much as you can while the kids are bouncing off the walls with a sugar rush. Bring out the tranquilizer gun!!