Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Chaos and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Aaaahhhhhh...a sigh of relief that Christmas is over. We had a great day. Saturday night we went to my brother-in-laws house and had our "Christmas Eve" with them. We usually do it on the actual Christmas eve, but time was tight, and they go to church, so we opted to do it Saturday. My Son got a very cool toy. Or shall I say My husband got a very cool toy. Here "they" are opening it: I think Riley got to play with it once. It is a remote control Hummer that is huge. And bruised the back of my legs, when I got rammed by it. Spoiled rotten daughter got 2 new speaker hook-ups for her ipod. The iLuv that she can travel with, and paperback booked sized one that has incredible sound....I may have to confiscate that one.....My iRiver can hook up to it!!!

Christmas eve we had a nice quiet night at home waiting for Santa. Look at what he left! Presents, and 2 very excited crumb-snatchers!! The next morning, There's Tierney singing Karaoke with her new Singstar game for the PlayStation. (and yes her room looks like the inside of a pyramid or "tomb" as she calls it. And painted by me and my sis. The day she changes her mind about not wanting to be an Egyptologist, she can repaint the room herself!) And then there's my boy trying to ride his new bike in the kitchen.

After very little sleep, and lots of gift opening, I had to get prepared for the masses to arrive.
The menu consisted of: Crown Roast of pork, with Sausage and apple stuffing with a white wine gravy. Roast beef with Au jus. Orange and ginger glazed carrots, (hence the photo of the lobster shaped ginger that my husband brought home) Broccoli cheddar Au Gratin, creamed pearl onions, Twice baked potato casserole (cubed potatoes, bacon, mozz and cheddar cheeses, sour cream and scallions all baked together into 1 big creamy, heaven on earth dish) Yorkshire pudding, and for dessert Pineapple upside down cake and few dozen assorted cookies that I baked the day before. Since there was going to be a crowd, I decided to keep it simple.

My big exciting gifts were a new Canon powershot, (LOVE IT) and a chocolate fountain (DITTO). so while I was cooking and setting my gorgeous table with all my Spode Christmas tablecloths, napkins, and place settings,was anyone taking pictures? NO!! I have to check and see if my Dad got any shots of my "perfect" table, Or the rest of the day for that matter, since I was in the kitchen from the time everyone arrived until it was time to eat. The guest list was as follows:
Me, Jay, Tierney and Riley
My parents
My sister, her boyfriend, his son and some girl who's staying with them for a short time.
My Aunt Ruthann, Uncle Michael and my 17 yr.old cousin Chris. (who is a 2 time black belt and is now a Sensei). I was most worried about Christmas for them this year. 2 years ago, their older son who had just turned 21 and was home on Christmas break, accidentally hung himself on Christmas. Last year they did not celebrate, instead chose to go to Florida. When I invited them this year, I wasn't sure how it would go. They talk about him now, and it's a lot more relaxed, but being that it was "The Day". I didn't know if having fun would be a reminder or a good distraction. Ends up it was a FANTASTIC day for them. They had a great time and so did we. They are one of my closest relatives, this hit my sister and I hard. Here's how it plays out now: We have basically adopted my cousin as a younger brother. We laugh and always have a great time with him, and we know he appreciates it.

So as I'm winding down to getting dinner on the table, The chef comes out in me, and I start barking out orders to my cousin and my sister. I have him making Yorkshire pudding batter and I have my sister making gravies. I'm barking out or dumping ingredients, into both things at once, while trying to get everything else out at the exact same time, so everything is hot. I keep hearing my favorite words, after every command "Yes Chef!" They are quick learners and we get it all done quickly. Dinner is served, hot, and delicious. I can finally relax!!! We enjoyed ourselves tremendously and I had leftovers for days, thank goodness, because wouldn't you know it I wake up the next morning with an UNBELIEVABLE migraine, that kept me bedridden for 2 days. Hence the delay in posting. That and everyone has been home and up my ass to keep them occupied, even though they all have new toys!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight, we've chosen to stay home and have a quiet evening in. I'm doing a Swiss cheese fondue, with homemade bread crouton, sauteed Kielbasa and then we'll move onto the chocolate fountain and dip bananas, marshmallows, and pretzels. YUM!!

I want to say a huge Thanks to those who do read my blog. I love the interaction between people, the laughs, sad stories, the struggles, etc. Connections and friendships have been made that mean the world to me. I hope you all have a great New Year. XXOO -Chefmom (Kelly)


Momo Fali said...

I'm SO jealous of the Canon!!!! Dang. Lucky.

Michael C said...

A Chocolate fountain? SO COOL!!!!
Looks like Christmas was great for you and I am glad. Santa left us a Karaoke machine that docks with my Ipod and a Wii. I felt like a kid again, but a chocolate fountain? Man, how much fun would that be??

Happy New Year!!

someGirl said...

Merry [late] Christmas and have drunk-tastic New Year!

RE the Chocolate fountain: Is it like human size?! Cuz' that's some serious fun you and hubby would be having!!!

chefmom said...

momo fali: I LOVE the Canon! It was gift fom my parents. They heard us talking about upgrading our 3.O megapixel-slow-as-molasses camera and got us a new 7.1 megapixels, with video!!! I'm so excited...I just have to figure out how to use it. I'm the type that will READ the NOVEL that comes with it. Hevn't read it yet.... Notice the blurry!!
Michael C: No deep fryer for the b-day or Christmas??? We got a Karaoke machine for the playstation, instead of a regular one, (because; I know the novelty will wear off soon with an 8 year old...lasts longer with twins! They have someone to sing We had major disappointment that there was no Wii...She never said a thing until 2 weeks before Christmas! I told to ask teh Easter bunny, if she was realy god between now and then!

Oka, so onto the chocolate fountain...I plan on sticking my face in it later...depending on how much wine I have.......
LOL!! Happy New Year!!

chefmom said...

SOMEGIRL!!!!!! I have missed you SOOO much...please know that I say that will the sincerest heart. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! I wish it was a body sized fountain! I can at least stick my face it in....and maybe somewhere about chest!! Happy New Year, my friend I have MISSED you!!! xoxo

The Beginning of the Middle of the End said...

"Yes Chef!!" Do you honestly think I would say anything else? I said it before and I will continue to say it... you and I thrive together in the kitchen. We MESH like only 2 close sisters can. One day we will have our own bakery or resteraunt.

chefmom said...

Um yes, the day you can spell restaurant......and yes we do mesh, but only when you listen. LOL!!

kellypea said...

Cheers to you, chefmom, and a Happy New Year from San Diego! Thanks for your well wishes. We've just celebrated (toasted) the east coast new year since we're not exactly sure if we'll make it to midnight here. You'll LOVE your Canon. I have one, too, and unfortunately left it in VA while we were there. I miss it and had to suck it up and scrounge for my old HP that uses batteries for gawd's sake. Can't wait to see the yucky fotoz. Thanks for visiting my ol' bloggo. W00T for a great new year full of food for us both!

meleah rebeccah said...

That is THE BEST camera. I have it too.. Im OBSESSED with it.

Happy New Year, Merry XMAS and all that jazz.

xxoo xxoo

ps... this post made me f*cking hungry!

chefmom said...

I am LOVING the new camera! Except I took THE FUNNIEST video of my son and want to post it here, but it won't for some reason...anyone have any ideas?
Otherwise, I think I'm driving everyone nuts with it....