Monday, December 3, 2007

Crazy Busy

This has just been the longest two weeks EVER!! My Husbands grandmother died. Sad, but she lived in Florida and we didn't get to see her often. She was 93, so she loved a good long life.

I have been in cake Hell. Here are some pictures. The original plan for this cake was that I was going to imprint this pineapple crochet design into the fondant. Of course, I wait until the last minute to attempt this and it looked like SHIT. So, i get up the morning of the wedding and pipe all these little designs on. This was a Victorian/contemporary wedding. Sorry, but in my mind, they don't mesh. The bride is a librarian and she was wearing her mother's dress with a crochet overlay, with string in an assortment of colors. Here is the cake with the AWFUL topper, that she bought at a thrift store and added all the flowers to. her mother then crocheted a "dress" for the little bride.....ugh.

Don't ruin my cakes with that crap!!!!! Sorry...I have to vent. Then there was the farm cake, that I got a little crazy with. Throw the "1" in and I need a bigger fridge. So, after delivering all cakes, I fly to my daughters school to help with the Kids Santa Sale. It's pretty cute, but very chaotic. A little shop is set up and the kids can come in and shop for family members, on their own. It's

cute stuff, like things that say Mom or Aunt, sister, etc. I wrapped about a million little gifts, and then came home and CRASHED! Drank wine and was sadly in bed by 10. The reason it's sad it that my parents took both kids for the night, and I couldn't muster the energy to do anything. I did take the time thought to "ELF" my kids, because I loved Meleah's and here it is:

They are so cute, if I do say so myself.

On another note, I am boycotting my local supermarket. I don't care if I have to drive 25 minutes to another one. I'm sure you can guess WHY I'm boycotting. As I walked down an Aisle the other day, who's Nails-on-a-chalkboard-voice comes over the load speaker?! None other then, you guessed it, Rachel-I-Despise-you-so-much-Ray. It is not bad enough that she's on EVERY DAMN cracker box?? Without actually sounding like a death threat, I have to find some way to write to her or the cracker company and let them know how I really feel about her Joker smile, annoying voice, and awful recipes. Have you seen the latest commercial.....and believe me I avoid them at all costs, but since my family members find it HYSTERICAL to blast the TV when she comes on, I have no choice. Who the FUCK (pardon the language) would eat DEVILED HAM SPREAD WITH GREEN OLIVES? I gag just thinking about it. Let's step back into the 21st century Be-otch. Okay, I'm done, that will be my last rant about the witch. I must move on, even though she's everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!


meleah rebeccah said...


I loved your elves.

(I needed that laugh).

You MUST write and complain about Rachel. Hell... you need to start a petition. I'd sign it.

I think you cakes look FANTASTIC.

chefmom said...

Thanks! I e-mailed to elves to all our family members and everyone said they Laughed at how cute it was! Great find on your part! I could go on for days about Rachel Ray....
Thanks for the compliment, I do like the cakes....only after they're done! By the way, I LOVE the new picture with your look great!!!

"the stray bringer" said...

God help you if you put butterflies on my wedding cake. Or if you do THAT purple. And there will be NONONONONO cake topper, unless it's tastefull. Still can't open the damn elves...

chefmom said...

Stray Bringer: I really meant you were the stray, not the one you're bringing, dear sister of mine...HA HA HA HA HA!!! There will be no cake topper on your cake, they're a little 1970 these days. And Purple it is!!!