Monday, January 14, 2008

Sister Dear, here it is.....

My sister feels it necessary to make fun of these rabbits that I make as baby gifts. Here is a normal one:

So I felt it was necessary to make her the ugliest one I possibly could.

Here is is as promised. I never put buttons on the baby ones......but I did on yours, in hope that you might CHOKE on them. Bwahahahahahaha!!
Love ya #1!


The Beginning of the Middle of the End said...

I want my ugly bunny!!!!!

chefmom said...

As promised, one VERY ugly bunny! I may have to write an adventure for the ugly duckling. Only Uglier!!

Momo Fali said...

You crack me up! Though, I don't know why I keep torturing myself by coming here and seeing all your craftiness. I'm a craft-loser, but I wanna be good! I really want to!

someGirl said...

It's a CUSTOM MADE ugly bunny!! Feeln' the love ladies!! That's the best...But if you're going for the 'health hazard' approach, why not dip it in lead-based paint!

I would SOOO write a story about the ugly bunny?! Some working titles:

--"SomeBunny Love Me: A Love Story"
--"Extreme Makeover: From Ugly Bunny to Playboy Bunny"
--"Ugly Bunny's Revenge" (this is a thriller)
--Beastly Buck: The Story of Ugly Duckling and Ugly Bunny's only Child"


chefmom said...

Momo Fali: I am sure you're good at something crafty! And I like having you visit, you leave great comments:) Anyway, I'm moving on to winter foods...that's my new favorite project.

Somegirl: LMAO! Lead paint!! She made fun, and I produced the ugliest one I could manage. I am in tears of laughter over your "working titles". They are hysterical!! Because it's my sister, I'm leaning towards, "Ugly Bunny's Revenge", Starring the bunny and my sister!

meleah rebeccah said...

Classic! I love it.

The Beginning of the Middle of the End said...

I agree with 'Ugly Bunny's Revenge'. It fits well with the story I wrote in HS. The adventures of mr.bunny. Adventure #1: Mr.Bunny gets run over by a car.. (a lesson in death)

chefmom said...

Ha! You run my bunny over with your car, and you'll never get the ugly socks I'm going to make out of that yarn!!!!

Michael C said...

Very cool! Homemade stuff is so cool. It must give you quite the sense of accomplishment. Needless to say, I have yet to feel that sense ;-)

meleah rebeccah said...

see...even MOMO is jealous of your mad crafty skillz.

I think I need to make you a TSHIRT that says THAT on it.

"Blogger With Mad Crafty Skillz"

Hmm.... that might be a project for me tonight!! :)

chefmom said...

Michael C: I believe you will feel that sense of accomplishment when you beat Lucy and Ethel at a Wii game.. :))

Mel: Yeah!!!I can have an entire wardrobe of Mealeah wear!!
Being Crafty has it's advantages and disadvantages. Like sewing...I'm like the neighborhood tailor now. I'm constantly hemming pants. And I do it for free! My daughter needed pocketless sweatpants for soccer this weekend, and my husband buys a pair WITH pockets and says, "you can just sew them closed." Thanks babe....nothing better to do. So, I'm off the SEW!