Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Seriously? Seriously.

This week my parents are in The Hamptons. My father works for GE, something to do with Worldwide infrastructure, computers, 4 am conference calls and some travel. For fun, he's a actor. Check him out later. DennisMcGeady.
Onward. He's in this play this week.

A raucous courtroom comedy based on the craziness of a real life divorce case will have its premier at the Old Whaler’s Church in Sag Harbor on Thursday, August 21 for a three-day run ending on Saturday night. The play, entitled “The Cat, the General, the Wife, the Judge and Calzone,” was previously performed on May 15, 2008 to a SRO audience in a stage reading at the Helen Mills Theatre in New York City.
." His lawyer "Charles O'Gorman" is the well-known actor and SAG member, Dennis J. McGeady who has appeared in the CBS soap, "The Guiding Light"; the ABC Pilot "Dirty Sexy Money", and NBC "Law & Order Criminal Intent".
The play will starting off-Broadway in the fall.

Anyway, they are staying at the Director's house. Which happens to be a convent. Yes, I did say CONVENT. An old retired, partially renovated convent. My Mother calls last night and says she's sitting around the pool, having a drink. I could NOT stop laughing.
" I'm sorry Mom, but if you were in my head right now, this whole convent-drinking-swimming-haunted convent picture in my head has you laying around the pool with nuns in habits serving you."
"There are no Nuns, Kell"
"I know, but the image in my head is running it's own comedy show right now."
"I'm thinking we should plan a family reunion here in the off season. It's a good location for the NYC, Hamptons, and New Jersey relatives."
My end of the phone...silence. I am laughing SO. HARD. "Mom listen to the words that are coming out of your mouth. A Family reunion at a convent. A) there are no families in convents. B) This does not mean I will call you Mother Superior, and C) Can we have it catered and make all the waitstaff dress like Nuns and Fathers?"
"No Kelly, and stop making fun. This place is beautiful."
" I'm sure it is Mom, but Seriously?
"Seriously Kell. Start planning the menu. The kitchen is huge."
"Well it would have to be to make porridge and stuff to the nun. Oh and can we hire Sally Fields? And maybe bring the Ghost Hunters with us?"
" Your Father just returned from rehearsal, smart-ass, I have to go."

I'll keep you posted on how the show goes.....this whole trip is going to be very funny, I believe.


Birdie said...

K I admit I didn't read the entire post-yet. I have to get lunch first. Wish I could say it's because I'm busy getting ready to go to "the Hamptons" *L* So glad to see you on Twitter. I'm withdrawing from Buzz still....

someGirl said...

Yeah! And then when someone reaches for the food, the nun-waitstaff slap your hands with a ruler!! And make you recite 10 Hail Mary's HA HA HA!! You have enough material here to laugh at for at least a few days :)

An actor dad!! i think you're the coolest now.

chefmom said...

birdie: Leaving buzz?! Why? I know it's a long post...skip the press release just to the bold parts. My Mom is living the life this week!

somegirl: HAHAHA!!! I could take this and run with it for days. I can't wait to see the pictures of the place when they get back. Everytime I talk to my mom it get more interesting. And yeah, My dad as an actor is pretty cool....
My sister in law moved to AZ and was driving down the highway and looked at the truck to her left. There on the side of the truck was my Dad's face, ENORMOUS! She said it was so cool!

The Beginning of the Middle of the End said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Let's put mom in a habit! But seriously, that side of the family, a convent, and a family reunion. Do I need to remind you what happens at weddings and funerals with that side of the family?!?!
I'm thinking cholocate covered strawberries, but instead of a tux do a habit shape!
As far as tha haunting, I'll just bring some salt and smudge sticks. You'll be fine!

meleah rebeccah said...

ha ha ha ha ha!!

drinking / swimming / family reunion @ a convent?

I am gunna want PHOTOS of that.

Off to check out the link for your faher/actor!!


meleah rebeccah said...

ps: Love The Hamptons.