Wednesday, November 21, 2007

All is good in the world right now

Well, here we are the day before Thanksgiving, and I have to admit it, I am way ahead of the game. My little man is on the mend.....although a little bi-polar with all the meds. That's the only reason I'm starting to lose my mind. The military base has many planes landing today, with some troops coming home, and that makes it a great sound, even if they do sound like they're going to land on my roof. AND I have gotten an amazing amount of cooking done ahead of time! So tomorrows list will read like this:
Wake up.
Stuff Enormous Turkey
Put Enormous Turkey in the oven.
Have first mimosa.
Make sweet potatoes.
Have second mimosa.
Watch my favorite parade of all on TV.
Finish cooking whatever, (at this point mimosas should be kicking in...won't care about much)
Have more Mimosas, wine, etc.
Have Husband clean up.
Serve Pear and dried cherry crisp with homemade ice cream.
have Husband clean up again.
All will be right in the world again.

Happy Thanksgiving all!!


meleah rebeccah said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

someGirl said...

Happy Turkey Day!!! A little late, I know....

The B-day wishes meant so much from you because you are one of my fist blog-buddies.I love ya' for sticking around! We've come along way from TLD!! Anywho, I hope you had a GREAT, mimosa-filled day. :)

chefmom said...

Mel:Thanks! I hope you had a good one. Good Luck with the move this weekend!

Somegirl: Thanks, You too. You are the first blog I ever really read on a daily basis, so Thank you. I always enjoy your writing. We have come along way from TLD. Hopefully we don't screwed out of a whole season becuase of the writers strike. I read somewhere we might only get 8 episodes!!

It was a great day, I was relaxed (even though the Turkey was done WAY before I had planned.) and did enjoy my Mimosas!

someGirl said...

8 episodes!!! WTF!!! Not nice...not nice at all. They better rethink this, they don't call us 'fanatics' for nothin'...

(I got the 1st and 2nd season for my b-day!)

meleah rebeccah said...

awww...thanks chef mom!

someGirl said...

are you as busy as me?? I feel guilty for not posting anything....but I'm drowning in crap that MUST get done....blah!

chefmom said...

YES!!! You must have been reading my mind! I haven't posted in ages, and I too am DROWNING in cakes, and school stuff. And to add to it, the kids have half days all week, so my duaghter and the one I watch are home early to add to my chaos!! I have the most bizarre wedding cake this weekend, that is giving me a migraine. I will post a picture when it's done, so you can see why I'm losing it.......

meleah rebeccah said...


I wanna know whats new in your world!

Miss your posts!