Friday, February 8, 2008

The longest week of my Life. EVER.

OKay, so I'm alive and well. Thanks to Meleah for the search party and to Somegirl for the preperation of Chuck Norris moves, just in case.
Let's begin our story with last Saturday. My parents had been gone on a cruise for a week at this point, and my children were having major grandparent withdrawls. So they were a little cranky. Husband decides, in all his unhandiness (Webster's, please note the new word), that he's going to change the brake pads on his car. He's done it with my Dad a few times (or watched a few times) so felt he could do it. Great. It's like 2 degrees and he goes out, does it, and as he's putting the tire back on one side, he brakes 3, not 1, but 3 bolts and lug nuts that hold the tire on. Who knew I was married to Hercules?! He then decides to at least check the brakes and Lo and Behold, They don't work!!! He almost plows down the fence to the back yard. So, Since my handy Father is away and we're not about to try and drive to a mechanic or have it towed, I end up CAR-LESS all week.
Anyway, Littlest one had a slight fever all day, so I stayed home while my husband took Oldest to her indoor soccer game (Her team is undefeated so far...whoo hooo!) They come home, we eat, put said children to bed and proceed with our evening, just relaxing. Now, we have a deal on the weekends.....I get to sleep in one morning, and he gets the other. Saturday moring he slept in. Saturday evening, getting ready to go to bed, and I walk over to shut off the computer. Odd. It's off. I think nothing of it, he probably turned it off.
I sleep like the dead. He gets up with the kids. Now, when he's sleeping in, I make sure no one goes into the bedroom, that everyone is reasonably quiet, and we let him sleep as late as he wants. When I sleep in, little people are in and out of the bedroom, banging on the door, etc. I usually just roll over, cover my head with a pillow and eventually they go away. This is how Sunday morning plays out: Poke, poke, poke to my shoulder. "Babe, the computer won't turn on." Ummmm, I'm not the one with the NEDC (network engineering and data communications) certificate, am I? "and that requires my attention, why? and it's not even 9 am and you're waking ME for this?" Oldest child comes running into the bedroom yelling "MOM My Webkinz are going to DIE if I can't get online to feed them!!!" Wow...I really needed to be awoken for this. I am not a morning person, so let's just say, I don't get up the happiest camper at that point. I walk out and try to turn on the computer. "Oh, look at that, I can't turn it on either. My magical fingers must still be sleeping, like the rest of me should be!" Everyone backed off a little at that point. Husband very smartly brings me a cup of coffee. I proceed to take the computer apart and decide we need a new power supply. Send him to Radio Shack as soon as it opens. Doesn't work. Call emachines, who want to charge me 39.00 for a CONVERSATION. But the very nice man that I spoke to said in basic code, that if it wasn't my power supply, it was my Mother Board. Thanks for saving me 39.00 dude. So Monday, I call the Geek squad. The tell me it could be 50 other things, and I should take it to the nearest Best Buy. If I haven't said it before, I live in the middle of nowhere. Pine Barrens, Jersey Devil, practically surrounded by all military owned land. So the nearest Best Buy is 45 minutes. HA! Doesn't matter, I don't have a car!!!
Tuesday rolls around and Husband remembers he dealt with some computer-fix-it-guy at his last job. Calls him. Comes and gets the computer. Now, I'm starting to sweat it out a little. Every picture of my 2 year old, since birth is on this computer. Thousands of songs. All my cake photographs. All access to my website. Insert plug here:
I come to the realization that I rely WAY to heavily on this computer. Bordering addiction.
Guy looks at it, yes, it's the mother board, (and I am a genius, thanks), has to order one, it will be a few days until we have our computer back.
Here it comes......Major breakdown. I have no car, no computer AND the kids have half days all week, so they're home early with nothing to do. (Oldest and a little girl I watch)
Fuck, Fuck, Fuckity, Fuck. Sorry for the language, but I'm now facing the longest week of my life. And to top it all off, I was supposed to have a flyer done for the PTO for my meeting Thursday night.
So, $200 later, I am back online, The Webkinz survived and my children are gone for the night. I drank heavily this week. Had to. What the hell else was I supposed to do with myself? Oh and I knitted and entire sweater for me.
I MISSED MY BLOGGIN' PEEPS SO MUCH!!! I'm glad to be back. Now I'm off to have a very dirty martini. XOXO


someGirl said...

Fuckity-FUCK is right on...Dude, I SOOOOOOOO know what you went through. (Summer Crash of 07...not nice, not nice at all.)Chuck Norris will live to fight another day...

So glad you are back on line now...Did you lose anything? .
RE LOST: Dude!!! WTF!!!!!

chefmom said...

I remember you crash!! You were the first person I thought of, when it happened. I lost nothing, Thank god!!! And as for LOST: I know WTF is right!! Who are these 4 people?? I think they know Ben killed off all Dharma people and are there for venegance. Possibly family members of Dharma workers? Who knows!!!

meleah rebeccah said...

dood...I would have FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT.

Sunday-Tuesday or LONGER without email or net?

I would have DIED. For Real.

I cant make it 24 hours let alone DAYS without my computer. Damn.

chefmom said...

I know!! It was Sunday to late Thursday afternoon. I was LOST!! I couldn't even drive to my Mom's to check e-mail. It sucked!! So glad to be back on!

meleah rebeccah said...

I would have FREAKED!! Glad your back! :)

Michael C said...

Welcome back!

I can't make it 30 mins without my email!!!!!!!!!

At least you have returned.

meleah rebeccah said...

I love this layout... Its so pretty!

chefmom said...

Michael C: Thanks!! I'm so glad to be back!!

Meleah: Thanks! I'm thinking Spring! (and Kelly Green!)

kellypea said...

OMG. What a story. I totally get the reliance on the computer. Scary, huh? Weekends make me crazy because I don't get my "time" in anymore. And you mentioned that evil company Best Buy...I hope your troubles are soon cleared up. Sounds totally stressful!

chefmom said...

kellypea: Yes, I have recovered and all is well now. Your nightmare with Best Buy was the second reason I didn't take it to one. I was afraid I'd NEVER get my computer back!