Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just call me Crafty

I am up to my ears in misery this morning. The DOG DAMN DOG is making me nuts!!!! I am in the process of hemming/redesigning three prom dresses for a prom this Friday. Yes, I am nuts and can now officially add "Seamstress" to my list of occupations. This morning she saw the edge of a scrap piece of fabric hanging off the table and pulled on it. Down came HUNDREDS of pins, breaking open my pin case and therefore sending pins scattering across the kitchen floor. Now she won't stop barking.
Someone pointed out to me yesterday that for being a stay at home mom, I have an awful lot of titles. It made me think. I consider myself a stay at home mom, but I do work during the day baking or doing massive amounts of work for these things:
Baker/cake designer
seamstress (new title)
knitter/crocheter ( I make gifts to sell)
Jeweler- (again I make bead jewelry to sell on e-bay)
PTO Secretary
(Most likely) the New President of Operation Santa on Fort Dix.
And most importantly Mother.
Oh, and this weekend I plan on winning a fishing tournament with my kids. That's right, I said win!!
Now technically, They're not really titles. They're things I love to do. So why do people have to point out that for a "Stay at home Mom" I do a lot? Doesn't every Mother have a list of Titles whether she works or not??? It irritated me a little.
Did I miss the memo that said I was allowed to sit and eat Bon Bons all day?


AndreAnna said...

What irritates me is why we have titles at all? Isn't "Mother" all-encompassing enough?

Whether we work, or "stay home", our jobs are hard. Period.

You're a great Mom - and the zillion other things you are!

chefmom said...

I know!! I agree, work ar home, being a parent is hard work!!
Thanks for the compliment. I finished the dresses! YAY!!

someGirl said...

Seamstress: another thing we have in common. I did that last Friday...Not only did I "fix" my niece's dress, I was also expected to do her hair...and her makeup. Once it gets out that you have an ounce of creativity or craftiness in you, freaks start coming out of the wood-works expecting you to fix their messes.

I read somewhere that if stay-at-home moms got paid, they would make a six figure salary...Instead they get paid in bull-shit titles like "stay-at-home-moms" and offensive remarks like the one you got. Sometimes, I REALLY HATE PEOPLE AND THEIR INFINITE AMOUNT OF IDIOCY.

chefmom said...

somegirl: HAHA! Even better, I get to do the exact same thing for my neighbor! I'm expecting her any minute, so I can do her hair and make-up as well.
ANd DAMN, I would be a Rich, Rich woman is I got paid to do all that I do!! We all would!!! I have a very good friend who loves to tease me. She says that the only reason she keeps me around that I'm "Crafty and I make good drinks." Hey, I'll take it!

meleah rebeccah said...

I always wished I could be a stay at home mom...but not!

Damn grll. You are BUSY

meleah rebeccah said...

and I cant sew or clearly I am unqualified for the positon

Michael C said...

You are to be commended!!!!
How did the fishing go??

My wife is what people call a 'stay at home mom' and I swear she works ten times harder than I ever will! And that's not just because I'm lazy and blog at work...

Momo Fali said...

So how did you do in the tournament? I hope you caught lots and lots of fish! See? You can catch them AND cook them!