Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hello? Hell, It's me Kelly. Could you please take your heat back?

It is HOT. Really, hot doesn't even come close to describing the weather. I have kept Tierney home for the last 2 days because her school is not air conditioned. I found out the principal even sent kids out to the un-shaded playground yesterday. As a member of the PTO board we have been working on buying fans for every classroom. The teachers used to be able to open the doors to the outside and can't anymore because of the security system. My daughter is in one of the hottest classrooms and it's be recorded to 92 degrees. NO Thanks!

As for the fishing derby, it was a lot of fun, just HOT. Here's the first thing that was caught:

An ENORMOUS snapping turtle. It didn't count. Next One of the Grandpas caught a catfish. We ran it up to the weigh station and counted it for the oldest kid. The Grandpas ended up doing most of the fishing, as the kids were in and out of the pool, because it was so hot. My Dad caught to Pickerel and counted one for Tierney and one for her friend Ali. (Who's house we were at.) Unfortunately Ali's fish was bigger and she ended up winning a fishing rod. She was nice enough to give it to Tierney, as she had won the same one last year. Here's a few more Pix: Part of the docks, My Dad and Riley and Riley in my Dad's Orvis hat, using my rod from when I was a little girl. (sniff, wiping a tear that my Dad even kept it.....)

Next up, I wanted to post pictures on the finished prom gowns, hair, makeup and girls. They had a great time, and every one looked great. I did my neighbors hair and make-up for her, and her dress came out fantastic. I was able to remove the zipper and add the corset lacing to the back like she wanted. I felt so good seeing the end results, and yesterday they brought over a beautiful card and plant as a Thank you. Here are the pix: oh yeah, there's also 2 out of three cakes I had to do this weekend. I forgot to take a picture of the third...duh!


someGirl said...

Good lord woman!! You need a vacation. A long, LAZY vacation that includes cabana boys slathering you with lotion and fetching you tropical drinks....I'll come too.

chefmom said...

I sure do!!!! ANd I thought things were going to slow a bit and they're NOT!! I am ALL FOR that vacation! We'll just lay and be slathered and lazy. They can just flip us like little pancakes every so often.... and Tropical drinks are a must!!

Earlene said...

Wow! I knew you were a great baker and mom, but you sew also? I did way back when. I made a suit for my son's hi school grad. Kept it for a long time and then gave it to good will. I wish I had a grandpa like you kids, but for different reasons. He looks cute. Single? I am and have been way too long! Hahahah

chefmom said...

earlene!! Fantastic to hear from you! Our computer died a few weeks ago and I lost all my favortie blog addresses. I couldn't find yours!! I just went over there and caught up on how your doing.
I've made some simple dresses, but these were my first major projects. I was pretty pleased with how they came out. LOL@ your comment about my Dad! He is still married to my mom and about to celebrate their 38th anniversary this weekend. He's a great Dad and Grandpa. He's got a day job a some higher up ar GE healthcare, but for fun does this: DennisMcGeady.com

Check it out!

Momo Fali said...

Why are there kids still in school this late? It's time for summer break!

Gorgeous gowns and adorable cake. Just when I think you can't outdo yourself...you manage to!

chefmom said...

Momo: I know! The district is considering gteting rid of spring break next year so the kids can get out earlier at the end of the year. I'm all for it. They're not going to get an air conditioning system put in, so I'd rather have them home sooner in June.
Thanks for the compliments. I just spent the morning painting little faces in to flags for the flag day parade this afternoon. Next year I don't think I'm going to tell her teacher just how crafty I can be.....!!

meleah rebeccah said...

Wow! The fishing derby sounds fun...but what an exhausting time!

YOU needed to go on my vacation.