Monday, June 23, 2008

I am so behind

Last week, In a nutshell:
1)Binky fairy came and left a tonka truck and bulldozer, all is well he has only asked for it once. I pulled up pictures of babies with binkies on photobucket and showed him that a new baby had gotten his. He was happy with that. Yay!

2) Decided it was time for potty training. MASTERED IT in a week. I thought boys would be so much harder to train, but he's done so well, that he's even sleeping in underwear at night and has not had an accident. He has a favorite tree to pee on and has even Christened the dog when she walk in front of him, while he was going. I have never seen my child laugh so hard. Double YAY!

3) Figured since we were Making Major progress, we'd push for him to sleep in his own bed. (yes he still slept between us. Bad habit.) Success so far. He sneaks in, in the very early morning, but I'd rather have that then a foot in my face all night. Triple Yay, because now I feel like an adult again and can sleep ALONE with my husband. Lovely.

4) School ended Thursday and Tierney earned the Academic Achievement award all for marking periods again, so she got a special award. That now make 2 years straight that she's gotten the honor roll every marking period. So Proud! And I was appointed PTO secretary again, this time under a much better president.

5) Now the drama and and boredom begin. Tierney's Bf Ali left for Florida for 3 weeks today. Thankfully I will be on FL From July 2 to the 6th, so My parents will keep them busy with fun activities during that time. AND we still only have 1 running car. SO that leaves me trapped in the house with 2 kids. You can only do the same small park and fishing for so long. This will be a test of survival.
In my Survival kit are these items: Neosporin, band aids, wipes, a bottle of vodka and a bottle of xanax. I don't know about the kids, but that should cover my first aid needs well.


meleah rebeccah said...

Damn Girl. That really does sound like Survival Of The Fittest.

But, it will sure make for some Blog Material. Especially with that First Aid kit you have packed up!


someGirl said...

Well...Who's gonna give YOU a special gift for accomplishing ALL THAT in one week??? [Husband, TAKE NOTES]

I think someone needs a special visit from the Vodka Fairy!

Avinash said...


Read on another blog that your daughter is interested in egyptology and the like.

She might wanna check this out:

Take care.

chefmom said...

Meleah: HAHAHA!! It is Survival of the fittest and I'm winning. Sad to say that my opponent is only 2!!
That's the greatest suvival kit evah! It just needs olives...

Somegirl: I know!! Husband should take notes, but I'm secretly rewarding myself by shopping for our trip to FL next week. HA!! And how does one get the Vodka Fiary to visit? Sleep with a martini glass under my pillow perhaps!?

avinash: Thanks so much! She'll love it!

Momo Fali said...

What is this feeling "like an adult" again thing you speak of? I'm surrounded by toys, clutter, and remnants of granola bars. Can you spare some vodka?

chefmom said...

Momo: LOL!! I guess I should have phrased that a little better. More like I feel like a husband and wife now, not 2 people seperated by a much smaller person. HA! And I am always happy to share my vodka with you :)

someGirl said... clink 2 empty glasses together right before you go to bed...cuz everyone knows when two liqour glasses clink, a Vodka Fairy gets her wings. ;)

chefmom said...

somegirl: change of plans for today...the kids and I are going to spend it clinking glasses together :)