Friday, November 9, 2007

Feeling a little old

So, it's 9:26 Friday night, November 9, 2007. 8 years, 3 hours and 17 minutes ago, I welcomed my 9 lb. 1oz. (yes, huge and born early) baby girl into the world. How can I, at the age of 33 have an 8 year old? And by my life's plan at the early age of god knows when, I wanted six kids. Crazy?! Yes. I guess that was pre-prozac, pre-xanax, and pre-vodka. I did spend a short period of time as a nanny and loved it. But only because I could LEAVE, at the end of the day, with no children. I love my kids, more then I ever thought I could. Tonight, a friend came by and wanted to know the story about Tierney's birth. My husband always wanted the TV/Movie scenario, where I said "It's Time!". ( He did get it with the second child) Instead I cursed him out about not needing the fucking bag for the hospital, because it was not HAPPENING TODAY!! Needless to say, the Dr. said "Do you have your bag? Today's the day! I think the baby's going to be big." ASSHOLE! What Dr. in their right mind sends a first time mother to the hospital thinking their about to give birth to a HUGE baby??!! I'm feeling old. 33 with an 8 year old. I seem so young compared to the Fem-Bots. I was a defiant young girl from as early as I possibly could get away with it. I see her heading in the same direction, and don't know how to handle her. My parents were BEYOND strict and that's why I rebeled.'s to my girl, now 8......all growed up.... Cheers baby girl, Mommy raises a glass of wine and yummy cake to you :)


meleah rebeccah said...

If it makes you feel any better....

I am 33, with an 11 year old.

(and I have to MOVE back in with my parents... I feel OLD and like a loser all at the same time)

yeay. me.

someGirl said...

1st: Happy B-day to Tierney...She's so cute!

2nd: Old is when you revert back to diapers, baby food, and mid-day naps. YOU'RE NOT OLD!

I feel old every time I have to discipline my kids...ugh! I hear my mother’s voice coming out of my mouth and I feel like an old bat...How did the sleepover go, btw??

LOL to Mel's comment! You are not a loser!! You're lucky!!

chefmom said...

Meleah: You are not a loser! And you are so lucky to have had the option of moving back with your parents. I view it as A)Better then being homeless. 2) It's a great experience for your son. He'll have some great memories of the time he gets to spend with your parents. C) It's not forever!
By your video of your Dad cutting his hand, he looks like he's a pretty funny guy!

Thanks for the Birthday wishes. You are right, even though I'm dealing with diapers, baby food, (not so much anymore though) and mid-day naps, I am happy to report they are my sons, and not mine! LOL! I agree on the discipline "voice" I always said I would not be like my Mother and everytime I yell, it's hers not mine. Or I find myself saying some cliche thing that she always said....
As for the sleepover, I need an entire post to even begin to describe....As I will be doing today. 2 words: Still. Recovering.
I am even going to add pictures of the chaos....