Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The First and most likely the Last

My darling Daughter is turning on 8 on Friday. This year for her Birthday we gave her a choice. Find some Hokey place to have the party, invite a lot of friends, spend a fortune or Choose a select few (a few turned into 4) to sleep over and we would give her Money to shop to her hearts content ( a limited amount of money). She choose, drum roll please...the sleepover. UUUGGGHHHH, my stomach dropped. I am hoping that this teaches her 1) the value of money. How far an amount will really go. 1 big thing or lots of little things. Her choice. 2) That Mom really doesn't like sleepovers. I know that 1 child will not be spending the night. She doesn't do well, and I told her she could stay until 10 or so and then come back for breakfast in the morning. She only lives down the street, so it's no big deal. Another one may end up doing the same. Which leaves 1 quiet child and 1 very hyper one. I don't deal well with the crying at midnight. I know it sounds horrible, but I don't have the patience. I don't mean to sound heartless, but just tell me you want to go home and it's done. Easy enough. No Drama needed.
I am also a person that needs sleep and sleepovers don't allow that. AND I stupidly planned this in the middle of a 5 day weekend!!! AM I CRAZY? I guess it will give me time to recover, but it totally throws my routine off. Here is how I plan to have the evening to go:
5:00- everyone arrives.
5:05 -first shot of vodka for Mom
5:30- pizza. Originally I was going to make dough and do "make your own"...came to my senses on that one!!
5:40 -while they're eating, second and third shot of vodka for mom...possibly one for Dad at that point too.
6:00- go destroy Tierney's room time.
6:02-6:30 eat pizza myself and drink one very dirty martini
7:00- decorate you own cupcake time- not sure if this or make your own pizza would be worse. 1 quick cake decorating lesson and they are on their own.
7:45- Now that the sugar high has kicked in, time for Dirty martini#2.
8:00- Popcorn and a movie time for the kids, and by this point, I will probably have to FIND my husband. I know he has big plans an staying scarce during this party...think again buddy!
10:00 -kick out the ones that aren't staying, Give the lecture on the fact that a 2 year old sleeps in this house too and the first one to wake him will be sleeping in his bed with him.
10:10- kick up my feet, ignore the hell hole that was once my beautiful kitchen and drink Dirty Martini#3.
The next morning, I will get up, make them a lovely breakfast and promptly kick them all out.

I'll keep you posted on how it REALLY goes.


someGirl said...

LOL! Sounds like a great plan!! Especially the drinking part!! Good Lord, I don't have the patience for OTHER peoples children...ugh! You're brave my dear.

Happy Birthday to your little one...8 years old, huh?...10 more years and you can kick her out of the house too!!!

Thanks so much for the ubber kind words today...I hate the funk I'm in. You made me a faklempt with your words :) You're the best!

chefmom said...

The funny thing is, I don't have the patience for other peoples kids either!! It's going to be a long night! And I give her 10 years at the most! The way she behaves now, I'd say she's turning 16! Thanks for the Birthday wishes!
Even though we're a few thousand miles apart, I feel connected to you by your writing. The laughs we'd have on "the Lost Diary", showed me we have the same sense of humor. I love the way you write on your blog. You are an excellent writer, so creative in your words. Trust me when I say I know that Funk well. You will come out of it. You've got all your bloggers behind you!! Hang in the chickie :)
Just throw some prozac into Meleah's cocktail! LOl!!

meleah rebeccach said...

Ouch, sleepovers? I avoid them at all costs.

I have a hard enough time with ONE child, I cant with more in my house. Thats a LOT of work!

Hope all goes well, but I am looking forward to hearing how it 'really' goes!!

chefmom said...

Meleah, I'm really starting to question my judgment. I've even been convinced to teach them how to decorate cupcakes....How messy can THAT get?! You'll be hearing all about how little sleep we get....