Friday, March 28, 2008

I shot the Event planner, but I did not shoot the deputy

AAGGGHHH! A few months ago a friend of mine recommended me to an event planner friend of hers. (or acquittance, they're kids were in the same class). She asked me first and I said sure! How bad could it be to get extra business. BAD. I have yet to met her in person, even though I've done a few things for her. I prefer to deal with the bride, person having the party, etc. because I can get a better feel of what they're looking for, and I can throw out ideas to them, things they might not have thought of. NO. She wants to be the middle woman. Which scares me.
A) I think she's she's charging the client more then what I'm quoting her and therefore, she's making money off of me. Fine, but I can guarantee she not marking up the banquet hall, or the flowers, or caterer.
2) I am VERY afraid that something is going to get lost in translation, communication, e-mail, or any other form she chooses. I will have 50 e-mail exchanges with her and I have to re-iterate EVERYTHING we discuss every time, because she can't remember what was said. I have to save every single piece of information I get from her and repeat it all back in every e-mail, because I'm afraid She'll pin the screw up on me. That would be the end. And she's constantly changing the plans for delivery at the last minute. YOU'RE NOT MY ONLY BUSINESS, LADY!!! You revolve around me, not the other way....I try to be accommodating, but come on!
The cupcake tower with butterflies was for an event she planned and I wanted the stand back. It came back with the fondant bow crushed and it had obviously been left in the sun, as the top to tiers fondant had completely changed color. Tomorrow I am delivering a cake to her house for a party for her husband. She asked my if it could be "wheat free". I asked if she knew that, that meant NO FLOUR. Duh. NO she had no idea. So I'm making a regular cake and a small flourless chocolate cake, which is heaven in itself. Like fudge in the shape of a cake.
So, If I happen to kill Said event planner, Meleah was nice enough to offer to bail me out. The way my day is going with my children, ( just stepped in a blob of playdough and thought it was cat poop. My son wanted dinner at 7:30 this morning. And what pray tell do we want for I just may stay for the weekend. Peace and quiet in a rough and tumble sort of way.....


meleah rebeccah said...

"think she's she's charging the client more then what I'm quoting her and therefore, she's making money off of me. Fine,"

Let me stop you right there....

NO. That is NOT FINE.

she has no business / right making money off of your skills.

(now I am going back to read the rest)

meleah rebeccah said...

you know I will TOAD-ILY bail you out if necessary! What are blog buddies for right?


chefmom said...

Meleah: I know it's not fine, I just don't think there's anyway I can catch her. She gives me NO access to the client, so I have no clue what she's telling them. I know I can count on you, and I would bail you out if ever neccesary!! XXOO

AndreAnna said...

Call me if you need some ass whoopin. I'm good at that!

chefmom said...

Andreanna: I knew you'd have my back too!! I'm not really sure how I feel about meeting this woman tomorrow....I think I'm going in with a chip on my shoulder and a 'tude!

Hannah said...


Just reading about how you have to deal with that lady made my hair hurt.

I worked a bit in event planning and all of the planers were so high strung they couldn't remember anything. If I had a nickel for every e-mail I had to send repeating myself I would be loaded.

Clearly she needs you more than you need her. Your cakes look amazing!

I hope that it all works out.

Michael C said...

Uh, perhaps I should come back Monday when all is said and done...

But, I'll help Meleah out with the bail money. You're worth it!

kellypea said...

Okay, so I'm feeling for you here. Really. HOW can anyone not know that wheat makes flour? Huh? Unbelievable. As far as stepping on the play-doh and thinking it was turds, I should be so fortunate. When I'm thinking I'm stepping on turds, it's because I am. They're on the patio and the RTR hasn't picked them up AGAIN. Y.U.C.K. And back to the food...I need to see the butterfly cake. Need. To.

chefmom said...

Hannah: Thanks! This woman is unlike anyone I've ever dealt with. You're right, I'd be rich!! I have to say the same thing over, and over!!

Michael: OH yes, do comeback Monday, I'm sure I'll have a really good story about this one. The flourless chocolate cake came out so beautifully, I don't want to give it to her. She's not worth it!!

Kellypea: My first thought when I read the e-mail was "Are you kidding me. Is she really THAT stupid?"
And we did have a cat that left us gifts everywhere, so I feel for you.
Click on the Blog Archive title "Where I've been and where I'll be" and the Butterfly pix are there.

Hannah said...

Wait, there's another Hannah who reads your blog?!? I feel cheated on! j/k

I've never worked with an event planner before but yeah that would drive me crazy too.

You know I want to see the cake though.

Anonymous said...

I've been a bit of a stalker, and I think I've left a comment before, not sure. Anyways, I just think that you should run from this woman and quickly.

I really like your blog! :)

Earlene said...

Hey, dump the pita (pain in the a--)If she is causing you more trouble than you had before it is not worth the extra headache.

Momo Fali said...

Oh no! I agree with Meleah. I don't think it's okay for her to make money off your work! Plus, what if the bride (or whomever) wanted to refer you to someone, but didn't because she thinks your prices are higher than they actually are?!

chefmom said...

hannah: cheating, I just may have to giv eyou 2 nicknames to tell you apart :) I'll post pix Monday, as there's a WHOLE stroy to go with it!!

beautyishere: WELCOME!! No need to be a stalker, I love to have new readers. After today, I'm laying down the law with her.

earlene: I'm gonna borrow that term..pita, I like it!! she just may be not worth my time.

Momo: That is an excellent point. I am forever telling people that come to me, thinking they're going to get a deal, because they know my family, or friend, etc. Are Wrong! I always say I can't cut you a deal because then I need to cut 5 of your friends a deal and so on and so forth. AGH!!

Angela said...

Sounds to me she is not a very organized person and by the behavior your describing, it sounds to me like she has little experience.
On another note, when you are dealing with an event planner (I have dealt with many) what she charges you is going to be completley different that what she charges her client.
I have to say that I would not want her planning my event but how she is charging her client is really typical.
She is getting a finders fee sort of speak and thats how you have to look at it regardless if it is fair or not.
If she is charging her client an outragious ammount, I might want to be that birdie whispering in her clients ear but if she is charging a typical finders fee than thats really the norm.
On another note, I would bet, she has had these problems before and I would have some written complaints to this said event planner.
As far as you getting your goods back damaged, it is the event planners responsiblity to either purchase another item for you or give you the cost of said item that was damaged and then she charges her client for the damaged or broken item.
I have always had every client sign a contract and in that contract includes damages and or loss items that require returns.
There are lots of good party planners out there, this one seems to lack experience. We can only hope that she will get better in time.
Unfortinately, you have contact and or know her client. I am assuming thats why you are aware of how much she is charging her client and thats just not good buisness for anyone, ya know what I mean?
Example, a friend of mine is hosting an event for someone else and has asked me to make the desserts. I make the desserts and she pays me. She then turns and charges her client 10.00 more than what I charged her, thats typical and really thats the way the business works. LOL
You seem to be a fabulous Chef and Mom living in this crazy world strugging between mommie and business just as I am. Take a deep breath.. Ahhhhh, remember our rewards are waiting for us:) I truely enjoy your blog.
Many Blessing's

chefmom said...

Angela: Thanks! I do understand that she's got to be marking up, BUT I think it alot. I've decided I'm just going to increase my prices for her. I just prefer to talk to the client, because if they aren't %100 sure as to what they want, I can give them design ideas, creat something to their liking. But I get a better feel talking to a bride, or whoever about what their likes and dislike are. That's what my business is based on. The "think big, nothing's impossible" theory. Not just everyday average cakes. And I KNOW she won't sign a contract. That's the biggest issue I have. Most people want a contract so that it's all set in stone. I feel like she's just trying to pull a fast one...Thanks for the advice though!! :)

Angela said...

If she would not sign a contract, I would not do any business with her. Did she ever give a reason why she would not sign one?
I also make the clients sign a release form, releasing me from any damages if someone ya know suddenly claims sickeness.
I would tell this lady.. no paperwork, no pie LOL