Monday, March 17, 2008

Peep Show

I'm still playing catch up and clean up from my weekend craziness. I'm trying to get to the fun Meme Meleah tagged me with. In the mean time, I couldn't resist!!!!!
All of the patrons faces have been made exactly the same, to protect their privacy and identity.


Michael C said...

A friend sent me this and I love it. But then maybe that's because I love Peeps. Not the shows, the yummy sugary marhmallow goodness. I just felt I needed to clarify there.

Momo Fali said...

Meleah would tell you to get that Peep "off the poll"!

Hannah said...


That is hysterical!

someGirl said...

Hahaha This is great!! The one with the silver thong is hysterical!!!

MICHAEL C: You know when Homer Simpson says "Doh!" when he says something he shouldn't have?? I think you just had a Homer moment by revealing your Peep secret... :)

chefmom said...

Michael: Now, are you of the old school that peeps should ONLY be eaten at Easter, or do you indulge in the other Holiday versions of Peeps? I believe since they are called peeps, they should be shaped like Santa. Or a snowman. Just my opinion. A peep is a peep is a peep.

Momo: HAHAHAHA!! She would!

Hannah: Is this a riot!

somegirl: the Silver thong and the pasties kill me!! Do you think Michael has a peep addiction? He described them very lovingly ;)

Michael C said...

Well, as they say in the ghetto, I love my peeps. Ok, that sucked. I'm going away for a little while now.