Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm a survivor

Thank GOODNESS this weekend is over. Somehow, I have survived and today am completely wiped out.
Friday night I had a big "Mom's night out" shopping for Easter stuff with 2 of my friends. Who knew 10 years ago, that going to Target and Walmart on a Friday night WITHOUT children would be considered fun. When the night ends at a bar it does :) We shopped and then hit the local Pub to end the night. Apparently Target doesn't stay open until 12:30, so my husband was a little confused.
Saturday was chaos. I was at the Market the minute it opened. Flew through in record time, I might add. We took the kids to an early morning egg hunt. They had a ball. My 2 year old son proceeded to win the largest and the smallest prize baskets. ( Note to self: Have 2 year old pick winning lottery numbers.) From there I had to rush to finish a cake and then off to a Roller Skating Birthday party. Never mind that I had 20 people coming the next day and I hadn't really done a thing yet. What a FLASHBACK!!! I walked into this Roller Rink and felt my heart beating hard...oh the memories! Holding hands with a boy for the first time, while skating. Sharing Sodas, the games, and the outfits!!! Let me say that the rental skates looked like they were the same ones from when I was younger. Thankfully my daughter has her own and we didn't have to rent a foot fungus. Fun times!!!!
We got home at 2 and I started cooking immediately and did so until about 10. Here was the Easter menu:
Screwdrivers, Bloody Mary's, beer, juices, soda, etc.

Creme Brulee French toast Strata
Brie and Chive Strata
Ham and Cheddar strata
Hash browns "21 club" style
Bacon, hot and mild sausage
Fresh fruit
Roasted Asparagus with lemon and butter sauce

Blueberry cream pie
Cherry cream pie
cupcakes for the kids
Almond essence and vanilla bean shortbread

I went heavy on the strata's, only because I knew the people coming all had different tastes and would either eat sweet or savory. Everything was a hit. I wouldn't really know.....Why is it the chef doesn't really get to eat until everything is ice cold and or gone? I was bummed, but everyone else enjoyed it. I did get to enjoy the liquids portion of the meal though.......And I didn't spend all morning preparing. It really was timing everything right to fit in the oven, and I was only off my estimated time to eat by about 20 minutes.
So Today, I straightened up, battled with my home-on-spring-break-and-bored-to-death-so-go-clean-you-room-8-year-old, and crashed for an afternoon nap with my boy. I am slightly refreshed.
So glad the weekend is over. Now, if I live through this week, it will be a miracle!!!


Michael C said...

Oh my God, I just read the words Creme Brulee!!!!!! I'm not reduced to mental dust.

I am medically unable to remember much about my first roller skating outing. I remember going fast, yelling 'hey, watch this' and then seeing the railing...

chefmom said...

I love Creme Brulee, but Creme Caramel is my ultimate favorite. I make a mean version of both. HAHA...medically unable to remember your first roller skating outing! I'm imagining traction, coma, etc. to make it more dramatic!

Michael C said...

Yeah, I either collided or asked a girl to skate. Again, I can't remember...

chefmom said...

possibly both at the same time?!

Michael C said...

That's what it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ooooooooh, cue ugly flashbacks...

Momo Fali said...

That menu sounds very similar to the ham, baked beans and frozen hash browns that we had.

chefmom said...

Momo: Don't worry, when we get married, you'll no longer have to cook....HAHAHAHA!! :)

kellypea said...

Okay, so nothing like reading all your posts backwards, huh? I'm thinking the whole girls night out should begin with the drinks and then the Target thing. Hilarious. And then you'd get to be surprised about what you paid for the next day, right?

The menu sounds scrumptious -- I love, love, love strata and asparagus any way I can get it. The blueberry cream pie sounds completely luscious, too. My hunkster would love that!

chefmom said...

kellypea: Originally we had planned the night out that way. BUT we thought if we went to pub frist, we might not EVER make it to Target!I would have bought half the store! Asparagus is my 8 yr old daughters favorite. Fo her Birthday she asked for "Roasted asparagus with melted blue cheese." What kid asks for that?!