Thursday, March 6, 2008

Today, I bake

I'm off to bake enough cookies to feed an entire Hospital. No really, I am. I won't be MIA, just living in my kitchen, jammin' to my tunes, and doin' it my way.
Hmmm......I should write a song.

Bakin' and Shakin' and siftin' and drinkin',
I'm do it my way....

I'll have to work on the rest. Oh and I promise not to drink until later.


Hannah said...

Have fun! I get to bake all day today too. No drinks for me though (I wish).

Michael C said...

I wish I could bake (or grill) all day. And yes, you do need to finish that song.

Or maybe Cakey Bakey Heart? Unless this is a Cyrus-free zone.

chefmom said...

Hannah: You too! Next week is CRAZY! I think I booked to much for one day....and have to help host a PTO event to add to it. Yikes! When I have my glass of wine later, I'll tip one to you :)

Michael: mmm I love to grill! I'll be doing that tonight, pork chops. Have I given you the grilled potato salad recipe? It is always a HUGE hit! Let me know...I'll e-mail it.
LOL-Cakey-Bakey Heart....How do you come up with these?!

Michael C said...

No, you haven't sent that recipe, but please, please feel free to!

Most sincerely,
Vladamir Vee Schlagelhousen the Third


meleah rebeccah said...

mmmmm....drinks and baking....NICE.

I am so jealous.

chefmom said...

Michael: HAHAHAHA!! I will e-mail tomorrow!
Most Sincerely,
Fudgeameeta Pasquid

Meleah: Well, it's 6:15 and I've baked but I'm waiting on drinking. Where is my husband with my WINE?!!

someGirl said...

To Michael C: I'll see your "Cakey Bakey Heart" and raise you a "Un-Bake My Heart" :)

How can you bake if your eye's twitching?! *twitch*twitch :)

chefmom said...

somegirl: LMAO!!! I really like your "Un-Bake My Heart" title!! And I managed to get through the day without twitching too wasn't until my sons sugar high kicked in and my daughter came home from school in a mood, that I could barely see my eye was twiching so much!!LOL

Earlene said...

You guys crack me up! the song titles are great! Pulese send the tater salad receipe to me. Love your attitude. Keep shakin and bakin

Michael C said...

Somegirl brought game to this!!!!!!
I'll see her Un-Bake My Heart and raise with 'A Fondant Farewell.'

Now, I'd better call so she can't raise again.


kellypea said...

So how long does it take to make THAT many cookies? I'm really very curious. I've always wondered. But you know that I could think of nothing better -- especially with good tunes on. Foh-toZ?