Saturday, March 15, 2008

Where I am and where I'm headed

This is where I have been for the last 36 hours. Lost in my kitchen and I'm only halfway done. I'm sitting for a moment to intravenously administer some coffee and I'll get back to work.....

Butterfly cupcake for a bridal shower at a Spa.

Them on the stand with Dummy cakes and floating butterflies
What a big bow!

As I was cleaning up, I turned around look at what I saw. Riley doing " NUFFING"

Thankfully I was done with those bags!

Little Teddy..pretty cute

This is for a 1 year old's Birthday party. The little cake is his "smash cake".

NOW I'm off to make German Chocolate cake and a Jungle Fury Power Ranger cake. Then I'm off to Tierney's Round-Robin soccer Tournament and Trophy ceremony. Tomorrow I'm headed into NYC to see my Dad in a Play. Yes, he's an actor and on TV.....a whole other post. I'll be back on in a few days, If I survive. Actually I will survive. Brunch in NYC at a lovely Irish pub, with $10 all you can drink brunch cocktails. How do I spell relief? M-I-M-O-S-A


Michael C said...

Ok, here's the deal: If I ever have the need for a bridal shower at a spa, I am asking you to do the cupcakes for me!!

Hey, how was that boring 'lil movie I really don't care for?????


Hannah said...

Wow! You've been busy!

I love them all. Especially the cute teddy bear ones.

So does your kitchen get as trashed as mine when you're "caking"?

AndreAnna said...

Oh I am so glad you are my friend and that you live in my state! :)

Can I get mini-penis cupcakes because I'm having a boy? LOL

Momo Fali said...

YOU ARE BRILLIANT!! I love your stuff so much.

meleah rebeccah said...


Im in love with the butterflies.

*licks the screen hoping for a taste*

These are AWESOME

I want them!! I might have to have a party at a spa just so I can hire you

chefmom said...

Michael: Feel free to ask for cupcakes for any reason! As for that 'lil movie, I never made it! At about 3:30, I freakedout and ralized there was NO WAY I was going to get that bear cake done, if I went. Apparently, the movie was very good. Damn. I';; have to try and see it ;)

Hannah: My Kitchen gets TRASHED!! I'm so used to having a steward follow me around in a restaurant kitchen, that I forget to clean as I go. My steward now is my husband, but he was at work :)

Andreanna: LOL!! And we're not that far apart!! Believe it or not, I did a larger then life penis cake for a Bachlorette party. Little cupcakes would be a riot!!

Momo: Well, Thanks! You're making me blush!

Meleah: Thanks!! The Bride loved the cupcakes so much, ahe's going to order a Groom's cake. No need for a spa event, I'll just make you cupcakes....flourless cupcakes :)

meleah rebeccah said...


Flourless CupCakes! wheeeeee

PS: Happy St Patrick's Day! xxoo

Michael C said...

Let's clarify here, I will be ordering DIFFERENT cupcakes than my friend AndreAnna...