Friday, April 18, 2008

And now we wait....

Yesterday afternoon we went to visit the dog, and we ALL fell in love. We are one of four applicants, so keep you fingers crossed. She LOVED my husband, climbed onto his lap and tucked her little head under his chin and parked herself there.
They're going to make the decision today.
Fingers crossed, Rub a Buddha, Pray, PLEASE do whatever it is you do, that we get this dog.

Conversation with my son:
me: "Riley, do you want the dog to come to our house and live with us?"
Riley: " Yes"
me: "what do you think we should name her?"
Riley: "name him 'dog' ."
me: "Thanks Captain obvious, but we need a name for her. she's a girl."
Riley : "name him 'girl' ."

That went well, Huh?
I'll keep you posted!!

UPDATE: As of 11:10 this morning, we are the proud owners of a Puggle!!
They called and said we are approved and that we can pick her up tomorrow. YAY!!!


AndreAnna said...

My mom had a dog growing up she named "Diogi" which was D-O-G.


chefmom said...

andreanna: LOL..Yeah, he's sticking to "girl" still. He's a big help!

Momo Fali said...

Yay! Congrats!! You make me want to get a puppy.

What did you name her?

Aluguel de Computadores said...

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chefmom said...

Momo:I have to say, she's been here for about 11 hours now, and it's like she's been here her whole life. I'll have a whole post, get the mushiness over with and get on with it.
As for her name...She still doesn't have one. That's a whole post in itself!!

meleah rebeccah said...

fingers-toes-eyes and all other appendages are now un-crossed.



Michael C said...

Yay for you guys!!!!

Hannah said...

Oh how wonderful! Congrats! That little dog is sewwww cuuuutttteee.

Don't worrie about the name. She'll tell you. :)

Hannah said...

I can't spell today. I meant worry. not worrie. lol

The Beginning of the Middle of the End said...

Um.. Sister dear, I'm still waiting for pictures to show all of my friends!!! She's so damn cute!

meleah rebeccah said...

hows it going with the new puppy?

Michael C said...

Uh, we're going on almost a week since you's not because of that microphone shaped cake I mentioned, is it??