Thursday, April 10, 2008

I want to say a HUGE THANKS to Meleah for sending me this awesome award. I'm feeling the love! XXOO

A slobbery kiss

Tonight, We are taking the kids to the Opening night game of the Trenton Thunder. For those of you who don't know who they are, they're the Minor league team for the Yankees. When a Yankee gets injured they come and play here while they recover and we've gotten to see some pretty big names. (Derek Jeter!!) My son is already asking if it's time to go. It's going to be a long day! The last time I was there, I was 8 months pregnant with him, and nearly fainted and threw up on a relative, due to the heat. Fun times!! Tonight is supposed to be 70 and gorgeous! Hopefully tomorrow I'll gave a great story of tonight's adventures. Minus the fainting and spewing, thankfully!!
This morning we were awoken by the house shaking. Now, if you know anything about NJ, we RARELY have earthquakes. I remember experiencing 1, when I was younger and that was just a tremor. This morning I feel like I'm in the movie Jurassic Park. You know the scene when they're sitting in the stopped trucks, watching for the T-Rex to come eat the goat? You hear THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP and the water in the cup is rippling? That how it feels here this morning. Never mind the constant barrage of gun fire. That's become basic background noise. You get used to it. It's the house shaking explosions, that just throw you off a bit.
This past weekend, they did it all day on Saturday. My sister came over and was floored when she heard and felt it for the first time. Pretty soon, we'll be like the Mary Poppins movie, when the general sets off his cannon according to the time, and everyone in the house runs to hold something steady. Okay, now that you have all the visuals, you can picture me in an Tan archaeologists outfit or in a Mary Poppins gown today, enjoying this lovely day, in the middle of munitions practice.


Momo Fali said...

Yikes to the house shaking! My kids would absolutely freak out. Okay, maybe I would too.

We used to have the Yankees farm team here, now I think it's Cleveland's. I'm not sure. But, we went to a game last weekend and had a wonderful time. There's not much better than a night out with the family, nice weather, cold beer AND baseball! Have fun!

chefmom said...

Momo: Riley asks EVERYTIME "what that noise?" I tell him the Army men are playing.
I agree, there's nothing better. We have a huge group of family and friends going, I think it's about 20 people. Cold beer tops my list! And the fact that it's a fun and relatively inexpensive. At least MUCH cheaper then a major league game!

meleah rebeccah said...

Mad love to you darling! xxoo

chefmom said...

Mel: Mad love back at ya babe!!! XOXO

Michael C said...

Have fun at the game and congrats on the award!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah said...

So you live on or near a base I'm guessing. Or in a very scary neighborhood.

I remember that tremor in New Jersey. Well it might have been the same one. The one I remember was in the early 90's I think.

Oh and I found something we don't have in common. We don't like the Yankees. I guess they're one of those teams you either love or hate. And we don't love them. Hahaha. We love baseball though and I bet you guys will have a blast tonight!

chefmom said...

Michael: We had a great time!!

Hannah: LOL! Very close to a base. What is about to become the first MEGA-BASE. Fort Dix, maguire, and Lakehurdt, all combined in to one. House shaking, planes practically toughing our treetops, etc. So much fun. The only bonus is I do get to volunteer on the base and I love it. The noise, you eventually get used to.
Not a Yankee fan?! I say to each his own...My husband, has his own opinions and thinks everyone should be a Yankee fan.
I do believe that tremor was in the early 90's!!! How cool that you remember that!!!

kellypea said...

Congrats on the award! w00t! And have lots of fun and the ball park.

Um. I don't get the thumping and gun fire. What the heck is going on?