Thursday, April 24, 2008

Getting settled

WHEW!! Sorry, it's been a few days. We picked up the dog, (who after 3 days of being here, was finally named Bailey) and she came home with Kennel cough. For those that might not know it's a god awful sounding cough followed by the sound of gagging. So the first night, we listened to that all night. My husband was pissed, that the shelter let her go like this, but that's the key word: "shelter". Not a Vet. Her first day home she was great. She was fun, loved everyone, was playing with all her new toys, etc. Day 2, she barely moved off the couch, and it just got worse from there. As you know, my mechanically challenged husband ruined 1 car, so I had no way of getting her to the vet. A friend ended up offering to take us yesterday and let me tell, what a turn around!!! By last night, she was back up and around and playing. I am totally in love with this dog. She is well trained, and so much fun!! This is as big as she'll get, so she's the perfect size for our household. Here are some Pix:


Hannah said...

Oh My Goodness what a face!!!
You are so lucky. Sweet dog. Congratulations again :)

chefmom said...

Hannah: Thanks!! She's awesome. Loves to lay all over any of us. She seems to be pretty happy here!!

AndreAnna said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I want a dog, damnit! I'll just have to live through you!

meleah rebeccah said... make me want to get a puppy! (and I dont even like pets)