Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I have taught her well....

I don't even know where to begin this story. I guess I'll start with the Origin of "The Game". This is a little long, but worth the read....I think.

My Husband and a good friend of his, who he met when he first made the move from Florida to New Jersey at the age of 20, started this game. Jeff was his name and he was a great guy. He had a brother named James and they were very close in age. Like Irish Twins, close in age. They looked just like the Nelson Twins, except much better looking. (we're talking long blond hair and they were musicians.) Jeff ended up dating My Husband's sister, so they spent a lot of time together, as my husband and his sister were roommates. Eventually Jeff and my SIL broke up, but J (my husband) kept in touch with the brothers.

They started this game....while in the midst of a conversation, (e.g., making plans for what club to go to that nightbut not say the name of the club decided, ) you hang up. Hence leaving the person at the other end confused, or eventually when the game became an on going thing, pissed off. While J and I were dating, I learned all about the game. We got married and both brothers were in our wedding party.
Gradually over the years, they've both gotten married and had children. But "The Game" has stayed the same, with J and Jeff. Months can go by, one will call the other, chat about the families and eventually one beats the other and hangs up first. NOW, you must get the other person completely off guard. For instance, "Hey, I have great news! " CLICK. it has to leave you looking at the phone like "WTF!" and I personally call the person every derogatory name I can think of. My Husband included.
My husband and my sister get along very well, and he got her for the first time soon after we were married. The three of us proceeded to pick it up and use it on each other whenever possible. Eventually My Mom even got me and my sister at least once. I have YET to get my mother.
Now, the point of "The Game" is A) catch the other person totally of guard. B) Don't over use it. It will get annoying. You really have to TRY to get the other person, HARD. For instance, While my sister and I were on the phone once, one of my children did something so hysterical, I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard. She asks me what is so funny and I say "Tierney just came out here and." CLICK. Usually I know exactly what she's saying to the dead phone, and when she calls back, she'll repeat it. Along the lines of F%*&ing!! B$#!H!! I hate you! She has gotten me good though. The ever famous, "oh, I forgot to tell you," CLICK.
Last week my Husband calls my sister on his way home from work, and he yells into the phone, "Hey L?!" CLICK. it was one of the best ones of late. Not only that, but he had just gotten me a minute before. He called one after another. Mine was at least mid-conversation.
Last night I'm making dinner and take a quick trip to the bathroom. Now, those of you with children know, that it's not worth closing the door, they're going to come in anyway.(Sorry, TMI) SO I hear the phone ring in the kitchen. J is on the computer in the living room. My daughter grabs the phone, says it's Auntie (my sister L) and J says it's ok to answer it.
Auntie asks T how school is, is it good to see her friends after break, how's your brother etc. T answers all questions politely. Auntie asks "where's Mommy?" T answers, "I have no idea where Mom is, Let me check" CLICK.
I hear the whole thing take place from the bathroom, and my daughter comes running across the house screaming "I GOT AUNTIE, I GOT AUNTIE!!!" I come out of the bathroom stunned. My 8 year old just "got" my 28 year old sister. And I can't even be mad. Because, ALL DAY my daughter tried to get SOMEBODY for April Fool's Day. Well DAMN IT she sure as S%*T DID!!!

I'm choking as I dial my sister, who answers the phone with "That little...." and I stop her mid sentence.
"WAIT! You HAVE to give her credit...it's April Fools Day. This child tried ALL DAY to get someone. She even tried to teach her 2 year old brother to pull a trick. Neither J nor I knew she was going to do it."
Silence. "I looked at the phone and went WTF? My 8 year old NIECE just got me. But, I do give her credit. Today, of all days, was perfect. You have taught her well my sister."
I proceeded to call my parents on three-way and my sister and I told the story, while my parents cried with laughter. They are so proud.
I did make my daughter promise that she will never, ever do it again.....'cause It's out of respect, and an 8 year old can do it once and be the winner of ALL TIME. There will never be a better "move" in "The Game".


Michael C said...

This is GREAT! And you know I am going to try and start the game with someone (by which I mean everyone) I know. Seriously, your daughter is the coolest for pulling it off so successfully!!!!!!

chefmom said...

Michael: Isn't it though?! It's the best feeling when you really "GET" someone good. I am a proud MaMa today! I still can't believe she pulled it off, all by herself!

AskAngela said...

HaHa.. This story tickled me this morning:) How fun expecially on April Fools day.

chefmom said...

askangela: I know it's sort of one of those "ya had to be there" moments, but it was so worth sharing!!!

meleah rebeccah said...

I love The Game. I am doing that to everyone I know. HA

chefmom said...

Meleah: It's great fun, And it feels so good when you really get somone!