Monday, April 7, 2008

Finally, I can not feel my brain anymore.

WHEW! My Brain hurt from Thursday night until Saturday morning, and then from Saturday evening til this morning. The constant thump, thump, of my heart beating in my head has stopped. Did you know that a migraine is truly exhausting? I am wiped out today and will most likely do nothing. How's that for an exciting day?
Saturday night we did go over to our neighbors house. My kids were at my parents, and their kids were supposed to have been gone, but the grandparents had to cancel at the last minute. No big deal, we had fun anyway. They are a very funny couple, as are my husband and I . (At least I seem to think so) I married him because he always makes me laugh. Well, I don't think I have ever LAUGHED so hard for so long, in a very long time. The Husband was telling us these stories of him growing up, that had us in tears we were laughing so hard. The kind of laughter that is truly therapeutic. I SNORTED I was laughing so hard!! That's awful! But by the end of the night we all agreed, we really needed that. We left their house and as we walked home, we talked about how rejuvenating a good laugh is.
So my Challenge for all this week is: Find that laughter. Whether it's a story, a funny show, your kids, Whatever, just find it, it will make you feel so good.

Here's a start..I decide that I'm going to use the Tim Taylor of all leaf blowers and clean out the flower beds. We have A LOT OF trees around us. So, my husband warns me, that it is a workout, Your arms get tired. Whatever. It's beautiful out and I want to be outside. He doesn't bother to tell me that there is a technique to the whole "leaf blowing" thing. Nor does he bother to tell me that, since it's a windy day, This will be a complete and total waste of my time.
I get it started, I'm feeling all manly, and I start to blow leaves. (I can see him hiding in the living room window, watching me.) Now, the man next door is fanatical about his lawn, so I start on that side, to clear out the leaves. Since a certain someone failed to tell me that I needed to aim in a certain direction, I started blowing leaves EVERYWHERE. I start to chase them. God forbid, a leaf lands in this man's yard. They're up in the air, all over the yard, still in the flower bed, and all over me. Before I started, they were at least nicely piled in the flower beds, hidden by stones.

I start to blow the rest of the yard toward a huge pile of leaves we waiting to be bagged. After about 15 minutes, I have a inch deep (so we're talk a flat layer of leaves) by 12 inch wide pile of leaves. And the rest of the yard is now COVERED in leaves. I'm trying to blow against the wind and all I'm creating in my own personal tornado of chaos and leaves. I know that the guy next door, my husband and the guy across the street are all watching me, having the LAUGH OF A LIFETIME, at my expense. So much so, that the guy across the street ( who is a riot and has a quick wit about him) wanders over and says, "What you wouldn't let Jay come out to play today?" No, he's inside feeding Riley lunch, and laughing at me.
"Yeah, I was laughing too, so I had to come out and tell ya you're doing a stellar job. If your goal was to cover the lawn in leaves, your really did a fantastic job."

I didn't know that my hands were going to shake for hours either. I was shaking so badly, that I was trying to feed Riley some quick Mac and Cheese later, that I kept trying to put the spoon through his cheek. He finally got pissed and yelled "Mommy messy, I do it!"

Tee Hee, Hee, Hee, guess I got myself out of leaf blowing forever ;)


meleah rebeccah said...

Laughter is The Best Release EVER.

and, imagining you with a leaf blower, CRACKED me UP.

(and I really needed that)


chefmom said...

It absolutley is! And let me tell you, I was a SIGHT to see. Baseball hat with a bun sticking out, dirty clothes, and LEAVES everywhere....oh and add a really bad case of the DT's from the stupid leaf blower vibrations!

Michael C said...

Admit it, you did the leaf blower thing on purpose, huh? ;-)

Your neighborhood sounds like a very fun place. Much nicer than mine. No one talks to anyone on most of the street and the ones that talk to us are much older!!

Momo Fali said...

You're right! That was like therapy for a very stressed out ME! The picture of you with that leaf blower cracked me up!

chefmom said...

Mickael: That was not my plan from the start, but seemed to end up that way... ;) ;)

And yes, our street is pretty cool. some old people down towards the end of the street, and a freaky germaphobe there to. (She went so far an to have her yard and house Fumigated for frogs...Um, we live on a lake!!!)
Otherwise, it's a fun bunch that can stand in the middle of the street and drink a few beers during the summer.

Momo: I was a sight to see, let me tell you. I am glad it made you laugh!!

Hannah said...

Greatest image ever!!!


kellypea said...

Bwhahaha -- I always snort when I laugh. *snort* And why did your husband not video the leaf show? I'd have paid money to see that. I've had a few of my own escapades like that!