Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I guess I should have started off the last post, with the fact that We live right outside of a 3 Military bases. Actually (well obviously) we're closer to the shooting ranges then the base itself. We're pretty much surrounded by Military land. The THUMPS are tanks or helicopters shooting missiles into HUGE sand dunes. The gunfire is just base background noise of them practicing. Fun times at 5 am.

This weekend my kids did a sleep-over at my parents house. They do this alot. They're the only grandkids, and my parents are constantly telling me to get my own. This weekend was nice enough that Riley got to go on his first fishing trip. Here's how my boy did:

He caught his first Sunny. After feeling the fish, playing with the worm and being beyond excited about the whole experience, he watched his little friend swim away. We're all about catch and release. My Dad said he was a riot. I have to say that my kids are lucky to have grandparents reasonably close by that take them to do all kinds of fun things.

On to other things. I have decided that in a few years I am going to take a trip. I'm not an huge adventure seeker. I won't jump out of an airplane (let alone fly without being heavily sedated), I loved Big scary Roller coasters, until everytime I got off one, my brain had been shaken so much, I would get a migraine. (Momo Fali, I do believe your husband has a similiar expereience? ;) )I even had a hard time swimming in the ocean, after I stepped on a fish once. My father said he'd never seen anyone walk ON water like I did. (I watch to much Shark week) But THIS, THIS looks like something I want to do before I die. ( knock on wood, rub a rabbits foot, find a four leaf clover, please people, so I didn't just curse myself.) Here it is:

"The Devil's Swimming Pool In Zimbabwe, Africa, you will find the magnificent Victoria Falls at a height of 128m (419 ft!). The location is known as 'The Devil's Swimming Pool'. During the months of September and December, people can swim as close as possible to the edge of the falls without falling over! These falls are becoming well known amongst the 'radical tourist' industry as more and more people search for the ultimate experience."

Would you dare? I can't wait!!


AndreAnna said...

I've seen that before, and truthfully, tinkle my panties a little just looking at the pictures. I truly think I would pass out and then fall over the edge.

I don' mind heights. It's death I'm afraid of.

chefmom said...

AndreAnna: Yeah, I guess death would be something to worry about...And I know what i would do, I'd fly all the way there and then chicken out!

meleah rebeccah said...

dood. I didn't know you lived so close to that many military bases....

Anywhoo...Grandparents are The Best like that. And your kids will always have the greatest memories of visits with them.

I too am terrified to fly....but thats why XANAX was invented.


chefmom said...

Meleah: Yes, all three bases are about to become 1 MEGA base. Won't that be fun?
I have fond memories of my Mom's parents. It thrills me that my parents are close. I always looked forward to going to my grandparents and I know my do already!
Xanax is my best friend on an airplane. Right after 9/11 we flew to Florida and my brother-in-law saw the panic attack coming on, by the look on my face. He just started feeding them to me. We hit horrible turbulance and while everyone else was freaking out and I was laughing.

Hannah said...

That's crazy! Why is it that you don't fall over the edge? I don't know if I could ever do that but it sure looks cool.

I'm a wussy too. Afraid of heights, deep water, roller coasters, spiders. You name it, I'm probably afraid of it.

Michael C said...

I would do that. In fact, I would love to do that. What a thrill. Plus it has water. I am drawn to water.

chefmom said...

Hannah: It's truly amazing isn't it?! I'm assuming that the water is practically trickling, since there's a little girl in the picture. It looks like there's a ledge that you can sort of stay behind too. And as I've gotten older, I find myself more afraid of things that never used to bother me...Darn aging!!

Michael:This is my vision of you: You would be the guy hanging out over the edge, with a cheese quesadilla in one hand, and a fried snickers bar in the other, trying to capture all the greatest senses at once. I believe George Costanza attempted it once, but was unsuccessful...You, my friend would be successful :)